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Stores that carry The Westfield Leader and The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times newspapers

Shoprite Supermarket, 563 North Ave. (Leader papers) If you don't see them ask at the Customer Service Desk
King's Market, 300 South Ave. (Leader papers)
7-11 of Garwood, 309 North Ave. (Leader papers)
7-11 of Mountainside, 921 Mountain Ave. (Leader papers)
Westfield Tobacco & News, 108 Elm St. (Leader papers)
Baron's Drug Store, 243 E. Broad St. (Leader papers)
Krauszer's, 727 Central Ave. (Leader papers)
Westfield Mini Mart, 301 South Ave., W. (Leader papers)
7-11 of Westfield, 1200 South Ave., W. (Leader & Times papers)
7-11 of Scotch Plains, Mountain & Park Ave., Scotch Plains (Times papers)
Kwick Mart Food Store, 190 South Ave., Fanwood (Times papers)
Scotch Hills Pharmacy, 1819 East 2nd St., Scotch Plains (Times papers)
Mountain Deli, 2385 Mountain Ave., Scotch Plains (Times papers)
Wallis Stationery, 441 Park Ave., Scotch Plains (Leader & Times papers)

Courtesy copies are available at several diners and hotels.
We distribute by US Mail to paid subscribers.
A Newspaper box is located at the Westfield Train Station Northside by our office.

Call or email sales if you would like to sell the newspapers

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