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Our newspapers are full sized broadsheet, which means each page is 14" wide by 22.5" high. The print area available on each page for advertising is 13" wide by 21" high. The print area is divided into 6 columns. Each column is 2" wide with 0.2" separation between each column. (return to presskit).

The Algebra!
At the rate ($UP) of $12 per column-inch, given 6 columns that are 2 inches wide and each separated by 0.2 inches with a maximum print height of 21 inches, it's obvious that: Width = 2N+0.2(N-1) where N is number of columns. Further, $TP = N x H x $UP where $TP is the Total Price, H is height in inches and $UP is price per column-inch.
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Business Development Thoughts

Prepare an advertising budget over a time span then develop advertising frequency to be within this framework. Generally, more frequent and consistent advertising may be superior to exhausting your budget with short term, larger expenditures.

Give time to receive customer input and response to your business goals. Listen, then adjust accordingly.

Your image and your reputation are your most important assets.

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