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"Get Both, In Print and on the Net" Our publications provide superior, effective advertising services that wed the common needs of businesses and customers. We are dedicated to helping you and offer a variety of services in print and on the Internet. Contact us:  or (908) 232-4407. "Target your advertising dollar for best results"

Your advertising appears in both of our newspapers and on the Internet; published and archived here, searchable - showcased to tens of thousands InPrint and to hundreds of thousands viewing this site.

About Us: The Westfield Leader and The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times, privately owned and in business since 1890, are paid and mailed subscriber based weekly community newspapers. We are legal newspapers in Union County, NJ; Westfield, Cranford, Mountainside, Fanwood, Scotch Plains and Garwood. The Leader/Times are published "Inprint" each Thursday to approximately 8,000 homes with a "pass-through" readership of over 20,000 people. Also, our newspapers are published in entirety on the Internet where several hundreds of thousands of people download the newspaper each month, by those locally and by those around the world.

Demographics: Eagleton Institute Statement: District 21, comprised of Berkeley Heights, Chatham, Cranford, Garwood, Harding Township, Long Hill, Madison, Millburn, Mountainside, New Providence, Roselle Park, Springfield, Summit, Warren, Watchung and Westfield, is an affluent district boasting the highest percentage of college graduates. It leads all districts in personal income and the value of its real estate property per capita. District 21 ranks second in the state for voter turnout in the 2001 election.

Our newspapers are well read by sophisticated and diverse readers. Our staff is committed to local, professional journalism. We care about people, the things that people do and the things that are important to peoples' lives.

Newspaper Display Ads: We provide the finest quality design and printing and can assist you with your marketing and design tailored to our audience. Grayscale and full color printing is available. Please contact:  for color pricing details and assistance with graphics' design in general. Your Ads in the newspaper on the Internet will be in color. If you are designing your Ads, provide your submittals to us as pdf files, the industry standard. Provide your Ad in color and if it is to be printed in color, make everything in cmyk mode. You can upload files direct to our server. If you need help with any matter, please contact us.

Mechanical details: Our newspapers are full-sized broadsheet, which means each page is 14" wide by 22.5" high. The print area available on each page for advertising is 13" wide by 21" high (thus, a full page advertisement is 13" wide by 21" high). The print area is divided into 6 columns. Each column is 2" wide with 0.2" separation between each column. Display Advertisements are placed in the newspaper in width by increments of columns (1-6) and in height by increments of inches (21" maximum). Ads that are designed to different dimensions can be spanned by our graphics department to fit. Use this calculator for assistance with size and price.

"Double Truck" Ads (two full pages, side by side and spanning the gutter, measure 27" wide by 21" high). Generally, a Half Page Ad is 13 inches wide by 10.5 inches high and a Quarter Page Ad is 6.4 inches wide by 10.5 inches high.

Pricing detail: Per each time running in the newspaper, the price is a function of the size of the advertisement. In grayscale mode, the rate is $12 per column-inches. Thus, an advertisement 3 columns wide by 6 inches high is 18 column-inches and the price is $216. (The Ad is 6.4 inches wide by 6 inches high). Your advertisement will appear in both of our newspapers and on the Internet.

Payment: At time of order placement by check or credit card (go here). Contact us for other arrangements.

Ad Space Reservation: By Friday of week prior to publication.

Ad Submittal Deadline: email  your pdf latest By Monday, the week of publication.

large and multiple files to our server. Call (908) 232-4407  or email  for password & help.
Use this secure procedure to upload files such as Advertisements and Photographs direct to our server. This enables multiple uploads and there is no file size limit. Your items are immediately delivered to our system. This overcomes file size limitations and uncertainty of email. We receive automatic notice of all uploads and give this top priority.

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Advertisers: Please upload your Ad along with order details. Confirmation will be provided. Price and size details are here

Photographs: Include caption information. Photo adjustment is not necessary, as we adjust all photos.

If you have multiple files to upload, we suggest you zip them into one file and upload the zipped file. This saves you from having to upload each file and staying by your computer.

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