I’m Excited to Vote for Councilwoman Dawn Mackey

By Sally Cohen-Alameno - Westfield
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I just re-read my 2017 letter of support for then candidate Dawn Mackey, where I said that Dawn’s work experience, vibrant personality and workaholic traits would serve Westfield beautifully. Well, that turned out to be quite an understatement for our now Councilwoman Dawn Mackey!

I have never seen anyone work so hard, whether it is getting the town a protective roads ordinance or creating and orchestrating AddamsFest. I’m not going to list all her contributions here; other letter writers have done that. I will tell you that I have lived across the street from the Mackeys for the past 11 years and I watch her just go… and go… and go. In 2017 I mentioned that Dawn exhausted me because she was so busy. I had no idea! The term “whirling dervish” comes to mind. She plans, she organizes, she produces results. She is a dynamo and any town would be lucky to have her.

I honestly cannot imagine anyone else managing her schedule or accomplishing what she has in the last three plus years. She wanted to help make Westfield a better place to live and she has succeeded. Dawn has more ideas for the future, including a possible doggy daycare, a “makers space,” rooftop dining and continued community engagement. I’m excited to vote for Councilwoman Dawn Mackey on November 2 for another well-deserved term on the town council.