Former Councilman Endorses Garrett for Ward 2

By Ken Donnelly - Westfield
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As a Westfield Ward 2 resident who previously served on the town council, I understand well the work required to serve our great town. I commend all those candidates who run and serve on the council, as it is a position that requires a significant commitment to properly do the job.

I have known Denise Garrett since 2013 as her family lives in our neighborhood and we have children the same age. As I have gotten to know Denise more over the years, I see a committed and determined person who strives to make things better. Whether it is her commitment to the school community or town athletics, I have seen that Denise is laser focused to complete things to the best of her ability. I was excited when I heard that Denise decided to run against the incumbent to represent Ward 2 on the town council and it is why I agreed to be her campaign treasurer when she asked me.

Denise has the right mindset and temperament to proactively address the issues that affect our great town. Denise is an independent thinker who will listen to all residents and then work with our town officials to do what is best for Westfield. I have seen firsthand how much enthusiasm and energy that Denise exudes when she meets with residents and shares her vision of how to fix the parts of Westfield in need of repair. This includes fostering economic development for our downtown, managing against residential over-development, partnering on the best solution for our parks and sports facilities, reducing crime, and a critical need for a non-political environment that emphasizes transparency and communication.

I know that Denise will strive to take action to address our town’s issues and that she has the drive and temperament to work collectively with the other council members to solve our problems, even if the other members have differing views. I have been impressed with Denise’s knowledge about the issues that matter most to our town and her ability to connect with the residents to understand their point of view.

I served on the town council in the seat for which Denise is running, so I know first-hand the qualities that will make a person successful in this position and Denise has all of these qualities – honest, hard-working, open minded, service oriented, intelligent, proactive, persistent, vocal, organized. That is why I am confident that Denise is the better candidate for this position. Denise has the mindset, approach, and demeanor to fix the issues that impact Westfield.

If you have not already met Denise, then please reach out to her at to get to know her. Once you do, I’m convinced that you will feel just as strongly as I do that Denise Garrett is the best choice for Ward 2 and worthy of your vote on November 2.