Denise Garrett for Ward 2 Councilperson

By Mike Hymans - Westfield
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I joined the Garrett for Westfield team as campaign manager because as a trusted and valued friend, I wanted to support Denise in her efforts to make a difference in Westfield. As I have watched Denise evolve as a candidate, I am now even more steadfast in my belief that she is the better candidate to represent Ward 2 on the Westfield Town Council.

The conviction, commitment and curiosity with which Denise has approached this campaign has been astounding. At every turn, she has demonstrated the values and qualities that will make her a dynamic, strong and capable councilperson sure to drive meaningful impact.

Authenticity & Humility
Denise is, as they say, “the real deal.” She means what she says, is open to and values the diversity of voices of those around her and is curious to learn what has worked and what hasn’t for the sake of making informed, effective decisions. This has been evident in her near-daily interactions with residents she has met, listened to and talked with about topics that are important to them. She has conducted herself in a way that makes me – and those around her – want to be and do better. As a mother, she has championed and advocated for her children at every turn, even and especially in the most challenging times.

Invested in Progress & Collaboration
Denise has been relentlessly focused on understanding how she can do the right thing for our residents, our community and our children. She has been working to depoliticize local issues and bring us back to the business of our town. Through asking good and hard questions, remaining curious and emphasizing transparency, she is developing a strong sense of the collaboration required to ensure progress, especially the need to hear one another and come together for the greater good. Denise has expressed her intent to seek fair-and-balanced solutions that will drive the change needed to ensure Westfield remains one of the most coveted destinations for current and future families. I am confident that Denise’s nearly 20 years of experience in compliance and risk management will only bolster her ability to make thoughtful, yet timely decisions.

Committed to Creating Impact
Every day, Denise has showcased a work ethic that is beyond measure. She is continuously always asking herself and her team how she can meet more residents, what more she can learn, how she can contribute more. It’s been astounding to watch the level of effort Denise has committed to her campaign because of her intent to represent the views and needs of our residents. Denise stepped up and stepped in to be a candidate motivated in part by the potential to make her family proud and show her children the value of civil service, but the fire that has been stoked by the potential to serve on our town council is now set ablaze.

I hope that you have had the opportunity to get to know Denise over the last months or will be able to do so in the days leading up to Election Day. I am confident that once you have spoken with Denise you will be forever impacted by her perspective and focus. I know that the same relentless commitment Denise has showcased over the last months combined with the passion and vision to shape the future we hope to create, will set Denise up for success as the next Ward 2 Councilperson. Learn more at: