Denise Garrett for Town Council Ward 2

By Daniel Ives - Westfield
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As a resident of 15 years, I haven’t historically engaged in local politics, primarily because I don’t believe town issues should be politicized and because I was pleased with the trajectory of our town – we were thriving, attracting successful businesses – both small and large – and our value as a community was strong. I was confident in our town’s leadership and the decisions being made. Over the last few years, however, it’s been hard to ignore the steady decline I have witnessed under our current town administration. It’s now time for me to take a position because I am ready to see clear moves toward an investment in our future.

I love our town and raising a family here has been a source of pride and one of the best decisions of my life. That said, as I drive around town seeing the number of empty storefronts growing by the day, a vacuum-like financial surplus that has effectively disappeared, and the elimination of the turf fields and the much-needed sports complex overhaul our kids need and deserve, it is just jaw-dropping and sad to watch. We need action that will drive change. We need to elect people to the town council who can right the ship with a focus on the horizon. We need a team in place with the persistence, diligence and ability to push Westfield into the future and ensure it remains a prime destination for residents and business.

As a resident of Ward 2, there is no better person to help achieve our aspirations than Denise Garrett running for Town Council to represent my ward and all of our town’s residents.

I have known Denise for many years having initially met her through the Westfield Baseball Organization. Over time, we have become friends, watching each other’s children grow, experiencing our town’s changes together and have many conversations about what it means to live in Westfield right now – and what we hope for its future.

What I know without question is that Denise is a strategic thinker, has a determination and work ethic that is unmatched, and she keenly understands what this town needs to get it back on track for the benefit of future generations. Denise is focused on the right priorities, and has the creative and collaborative ideas that will – without a doubt – help shift the direction of this town. She will work for us and with us to put the last few years of disappointment in the rear view mirror.

I encourage you to learn more about Denise. I fully support Denise for Westfield Town Council and believe you will, too, as you learn more about her values and her vision for Westfield.