Dawn Mackey Is Dedicated to Our Town

By Joe Mindak - Westfield
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I met Dawn Mackey when I moved to Westfield four years ago and can honestly say I’ve never met a councilperson that works so hard for her town. There are a lot of accomplishments you can read about out there on social media about the things she is doing, but I think it’s the things you don’t hear about that are most important. When my neighbor was having an issue with a new home being built behind her that was causing water damage to her back lawn, I asked Dawn to see what she could do and she was over there immediately helping to resolve the issue. When a tree fell on my friend’s fence and he couldn’t get answers on what to do about it, she was over there getting his issue resolved as well. I’ve been there countless times with her on a Saturday evening running to the store for last minute decorations to make sure the town was looking festive for the holidays and needed a few more lights, wreaths, etc. It’s that unseen dedication to her position that really shows her true character and I’ve been fortunate enough to see that time after time.