As a Ward 1 Voter, I’m Going With What’s Working Well

By Tom Miller - Westfield
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I’m writing to endorse the two candidates who will get my independent swing votes this year. Here’s why it’s definitely Linda Habgood and Shelley Brindle.

Everyone that stops to read this letter is probably a stakeholder in some way. We care. This is a great town, and we all want it to always be such a great place. We’re proud of Westfield. And that’s why we vote.

We want our town to have a great administration, and we do, and they’ve built great teams. We want elected officials to hear what we say and reflect that in decisions. We want council to look hard at our tough problems while they also try out new ideas. Fortunately, we have that in Westfield today. I’ve watched how this mayor and council work. Focused, hardworking, organized, optimistic.

Engaged with the administration, working together. Fiduciaries keeping things on track.

Suddenly, this town – ourselves, our community, and our elected leaders – faced the worst threat we’ve seen in decades, with no playbook. Think about that. Our town outperformed because the community and the leadership learned and adapted. Through these grueling challenges, Linda and Shelley delivered an amazing amount of “finished work” we can all appreciate, as many other letters have detailed. These two are fiscally responsible, ethical, and they embrace the expectations we put on them. But they get my vote in this election because after these years of work, Linda and Shelley are truly experienced in delivering good government, tested and proved. That’s what stakeholders want.

Do we need a change of management? You’re a stakeholder, ask yourself: When you have a leadership team that’s delivering on objectives in this most difficult time, maintaining quality and direction in town operations, and trying new things to enhance the town’s future – where do you put your vote? I often want change, to be sure, but inexperienced candidates face a learning curve that favors incumbents, and I want this current team to keep its momentum. I’ve been watching our councils in Westfield over decades, and it takes time for teams to build an operating rhythm, to understand what opportunities we have and how blockers can be managed to get things done. Frankly, changing the guard is expensive to the stakeholders, requiring time and learning. I’ve seen Shelley and Linda tackling the heavy lifting that goes with the job. They are accomplished and effective. As a taxpayer here, I’m most concerned with getting skilled people to get things done, with no missteps on the necessities. I’ll vote for that every time. Think how far we’ve come. Re-elect Linda Habgood and Shelley Brindle.