Courageous Como

By Dr. Maria LoGrippo - Westfield
Wife of Mark LoGrippo, Ward 3 Councilman
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Voters in Westfield and especially those living in Ward 1,
This is an important election. It is pivotal for residents to vote. Outside of our local elections, there are campaigns promoting this election as a way to “defend democracy.” To me, democracy is having a government where the power is “vested in the people.” If you follow Westfield politics, you have to ask yourself – do you believe that those elected and holding office are representing the interests of Westfield’s community or has it become a government run by one person, one agenda?

As you know, we live in Ward 3 and we are grateful to have Mark and David Contract representing our community. Although they differ from political affiliations, what they do have in common is that they are both strongly “vested in the people” as evidenced by their commitments to causes and keeping residents informed.

For Ward 1, if you wish to truly defend democracy here in Westfield, there is one choice – Amanda Como. I titled this “Courageous Como” because I believe that her commitment to running and taking the seat requires courage, dedication, and an openness for seeing both sides, working for the people, FOR WESTFIELD.

Mayor Brindle’s style of leadership concerns me. We want transformational leaders, those who inspire and motivate us and lead by example. When a leader is silencing individuals and only giving them opportunities to speak when they decide, that does not depict for me a transformative leader or style to emulate. As a democracy, each and every individual, especially those who are elected to public office, has the right to defend and speak on behalf of the people, for the people by the people.

Amanda Como is courageous, willing, and ready to be your voice. Go to the polls and elect Amanda because we deserve a government in Westfield that is “vested in the people.”