Amanda Como, A Positive, Independent Voice for Ward 1

By Alexandra Gerne - Westfield
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I’m voting for Amanda Como on November 8 to bring balance to the town council. Amanda brings unparalleled compassion and dedication to serving the Westfield community. More importantly, her independent perspective brings a needed diversity of opinion on the town council during this critical juncture for Westfield and its future. I have not met anyone so committed to learning, listening and caring about the community as Amanda. She has an open mind and desire to understand the issues and the impact of decisions. As the town faces serious choices, especially in regards to redevelopment, her ability to remain independent and provide a diverse viewpoint is essential. Amanda’s dedication to being a positive, independent voice for Ward 1 is needed and I believe she will be a strong advocate for Westfield and its residents. Amanda Como represents an honest, pragmatic and respectful approach to representing Ward 1 that will benefit all of Westfield.