Councilwoman Root Deserves Our Vote in Ward 1

By Marcy Kleinberg-Bandelli - Westfield
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I have been fortunate to call Councilwoman Emily Root my dear friend for over 20 years. Emily was my very first Westfield neighbor and my first friend in Westfield. But we share so much more.

We both attended New York University graduate school and chose professions that help those in need. We both love 80’s music, dogs and love the town that we call home. Unfortunately, life can be sadly unpredictable. Both of us shared unimaginable, traumatic loss. Eight years after I lost my brother in 9/11, Emily lost her husband at the young age of 35.

With the help of family, friends and our caring Westfield community, Emily moved through her uncertain future with strength, grace and resilience. When she was appointed councilwoman, her immediate response was how delighted she was to give back to the very community that assisted her in her worst moments.

It is no wonder that Emily is as successful as she is. She was able to maintain her practice throughout her grief and she is one of 300 speech pathologists in the country who specializes in stuttering. Not only does Emily focus on improving the lives of her clients everyday but teaches her craft at two universities in New Jersey and presents at conferences all over the country.

Emily approaches her councilwoman appointment with the same enthusiasm and gratitude as her profession. Emily is a natural problem solver. She remains an independent thinker who asks the right questions. She is thoughtful and deliberate. Emily is eager to talk to all her constituents. Although some constituents may not agree with every decision or vote, you can be sure that Emily will painstakingly evaluate what is in the best interest of Westfield and Ward 1 residents.

Please join me on November 8 in voting for Emily Root for Ward 1 councilwoman.