Amanda Will Bring Balance, Independent Voice to Council

By James Restivo - Westfield
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I met Amanda last year when we were both running for council on the same ticket. Right away, I was impressed with her organization, knowledge of issues, and ideas. Amanda has been serving Westfield for over a decade, as a small business owner, coach and volunteer for various school and community-based groups. She has a deep desire to continue to serve as a member of the council. Campaigning is not easy; it takes a lot of time and energy and forces you to spend many nights and days away from your family. The fact that Amanda decided to go through the process again, a year later, shows how committed she is to work for us and our town.

I know that as a council member, Amanda will be a staunch advocate for the residents of Ward 1, as well as the rest of Westfield. She will bring fresh perspectives, insightful and thoughtful ideas, as well as her unique view of issues. Just last year, Amanda was the recipient of The Historic Preservation Devlin Award, further demonstrating her commitment to preservation and development that suits Westfield’s character. This will be crucial as we move through the process of redevelopment that is headed our way.

She will bring balance to the council by adding a voice that is independent and willing to speak out when she agrees or disagrees.

I am not a Ward 1 resident, but I know that as a council member, Amanda will be as much a representative of me as she is to her Ward 1 residents. She will work for ALL of Westfield.

I encourage every voter in Ward 1 to learn more about Amanda and when you cast your vote, whether by mail or in person, vote for Amanda Como. If I could, I would, and I know Westfield will be better for it.