‘TWINTASTIC’ Fiction Book for Tweens

By Jacqueline Davidson Kopito
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Jacqueline Davidson Kopito has written a fiction book for tweens (ages 8-12) called “TWINTASTIC” which is now available on Amazon. Jacqueline, a 1986 graduate of Westfield High School, now lives in Short Hills with her husband and two sons. Her website is jacquelineKopito.com.

The book blurb is as follows:
Sixth grade identical twins Alix and Jordyn couldn’t be more different. Jordyn likes fashion and art, while Alix loves reading and science. One day, while cleaning the attic, the twins come across a dusty old diary that once belonged to their Great-grandma Rose. Next thing the twins know, the magical powers once possessed by Rose and her twin sister, Molly, have been passed on to them.
Suddenly, using only their thoughts, Alix and Jordyn can communicate with each other and move objects. They decide to use their secret powers to help save Ace, their parents’ struggling restaurant. Otherwise, their family could be out on the street. At the same time, they deal with the daily grind of middle school, first crushes and tennis lessons. Using their powers, they have a bake sale, enter a science contest, and tutor their friends. But will it be enough to rescue the restaurant and save their family from ruin?

Published by Good Times Books (New Delhi, India).