Linda Habgood Listens to Residents and Resolves Issues

By James Boyes - Westfield
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Throughout my tenure on the Westfield Town Council, I have considered myself fortunate to be serving alongside Councilwoman Linda Habgood. Anyone who knows Linda will tell you, she gets results. I have witnessed firsthand how Linda makes time, no matter how packed her schedule, to resolve constituents’ issues. Whether she’s chairing the town Finance Committee, leading the investment advisory council, serving on the planning board, or spearheading the mental health council, Linda is fully committed and always ready to roll up her sleeves. When not serving on committees, or managing her global financial advisory firm, Linda takes the time to meet with residents and listen to their concerns.

On the Finance Committee, Linda is an incredibly responsible steward of your municipal tax dollars. She ruthlessly vets spreadsheets and uncovers revenue sources while making sure our tax dollars earn the highest interest possible. Linda challenges town departments to hold the line on expenses and to be more efficient. During the Covid shutdown, she shifted gears and worked even harder. Under Linda’s leadership, the annual municipal tax increase has averaged just 1.1 percent. As a result, Westfield is well positioned financially heading into 2022.

As a founding member of the Westfield Mental Health Council, Linda recognized the need for a mental health support system in our community. Not long after, the C.A.K.E initiative (Compassion, Acceptance, Kindness and Empathy) was launched which seeks to break the stigma around mental illness and promote these core principles within Westfield. The mental health challenges created by the pandemic exposed discrepancies in our nation’s health system but, through the dedication of the mental health council, residents can now use the town website to access mental health resources in our community.

For Ward 1 residents, Linda always responds to her constituents respectfully and truthfully. Whether the meeting is scheduled on a front porch, in a backyard, or sometimes at a neighborhood intersection, Linda is always there. She listens closely and communicates what the next steps will be on the path to resolving an issue. Linda’s work ethic is unmatched but what makes her truly special is the compassion she brings to her public service. I will proudly cast my ballot for the re-election of Linda Habgood on November 2nd and I encourage you to do the same.