October 25, 2012
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2012-10-27 Storm News: As the storm "Sandy" hits the region over the next few days, please email the status from your local area to We will post the reports here at www.goleader.com/news/ - You can follow this on twitter. See: http://www.twitter.com/leadertimes - Authorities advise: Prepare for loss of power and flooding. Stock up with water and food for three days. (Notices Scotch Plains, Westfield, Fanwood, Garwood, Storm Info Websites Area Documents and photos (updated as received). Cranford - MANDATORY EVACUATION ISSUED FOR FLOOD ZONE
2012-10-30 7 am - Power is out in Downtown Westfield and many area throughout the state. Please email the status in your area to editor@goleader.com and we'll post the information here to help the public. Many tree limbs have fallen. Emergency crews will have considerable challenges.
--- Local Gov websites: Westfield - Fanwood - Scotch Plains - Cranford - Union County
 2012-10-30 7 am - Power outages have now mounted in the County of Union as the hurricane has reached its apex. All are being urged to stay inside as conditions outdoors have become extremely dangerous. PSE&G is reporting more than 700,000 statewide without power. Most of the City of Elizabeth, Linden, portions of Union, all of Hillside and Fanwood, and large portions of Scotch Plains and Mountainside are among the many reporting outages.

BOE Votes to Hold $13.6-Mil. Bond Ref. for Roofs in December
County Gives Out $1.5 M In Funds; New ME Appointed

Scotch Plains/Fanwood

BOE Ratifies SPFEA Contract With 6 Percent Pay Hike Over 3 Yrs.
Lance, Chivakula Debate At JCC in SP
DePaola, Saridaki Discuss Support of Consolidation
Manduca, Szuch Dispute Consolidation, PD Merger

Twenty-Six GW Businesses Join Westfield Chamber
GOP Candidates Discuss Issues During Public Forum

Menendez, Kyrillos Back Israel, Differ On Health Care
Peyton's Peek At the Week In Politics

Don't Scorn the Magic of Past Souls - Happy Halloween

Features Contact your Legislators Budget Crisis School Superintendent Contracts

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See all 2012-10-31 AREA - Union County officials have been in contact with New Jersey American Water. They have confirmed that there are NO PLANS to turn water off in any Union County municipality. Customers may experience periods of low water pressure becau
See all 2012-10-30 MOUNTAINSIDE - Mountainside & Berkeley Heights schools will remain closed Wed 10/31. Halloween activities in the Boro of Mountainside have been suspended until further notice. Electrical lines remain down in the roadways and should be assu
See all 2012-10-30 UNION COUNTY - The County of Union has once again declared a State of Emergency from 6 p.m. tonight to 6 p.m. tomorrow night. All County buildings and offices will be closed and only essential personnel and emergency responders will be req
See all 2012-10-29 County of Union, NJ has declared a State of Emergency from 6 p.m. tonight to 6 p.m. tomorrow night. All County buildings and offices will be closed and only essential personnel and emergency responders will be required to report to work.See all 2012-10-29 Westfield - 4:10 pm. It is getting dark and the storm center is to hit in a few hours. The newspaper will stay online as long as possible. Power outages are expected. Fire department and police department are running all over town with bra
See all 2012-10-29 UNION COUNTY - The County of Union has declared a State of Emergency from 6 p.m. tonight to 6 p.m. tomorrow night. All County buildings and offices will be closed and only essential personnel and emergency responders will be required to re
See all 2012-10-29 GARWOOD - Mayor Quattrocchi and Garwood OEM Coordinator Sytko have signed a local Emergency Proclamation for the Borough of Garwood. The Proclamation can be read by visiting the storms update page at www.garwoodpd.org 1351536013
See all 2012-10-29 WESTFIELD - 1PM West bound lane E. Broad near Cemetery blocked by low hanging wire. 2 PM 5 poles snapped at Boynton Ave. & Pearl Street by large tree with High Voltage wires and transformers involved. Entire intersection shut down 13515

USING HIS FOOT THIS TIME…Blue Devil Mike Prozuk, No. 17, handles the ball with his foot in the game against Union in Westfield on October 18. Prosuk, known for using his head to score goals, scored two against the Farmers in a 3-1 win.

Arts & Entertainment
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Hearth & Home Kitchen Tour: Serves Up Sweets and Sights 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Yearly Tradition: WF Art Association Hosts Sidewalk Show and Sale
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Provocative Subject: The Age of Consent in Alliance Rep.’s Jailbait
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Frightful Fun: WSO, Musica Morristown Present ‘Spooktacular’
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Ragtime Favorites: NJWA Concert Band to Play At Temple Emanu-El

Creature Double Feature

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TRICK-OR-TREAT…Residents prepare for Halloween on Wednesday, October 31, when youngsters will have to brave scary creatures as they make their way to get their treats.

The Week In Sports: dot.jpg (865 bytes) Photosdot.jpg (865 bytes) Blue Devils Unsettle Pioneers In UCT Soccer Quarters; Blue Devils Ditch Farmers In Boys’ SoccerClash; Watchung Hills Warriors Run Past Raider Footballers; Blue Devil V’ballers Stagger Raider V’ballers; Kent Place Dragons Scorch Lady Soccer Cougars; No. 17 Ridge Red Devils Stop Cougar Football Boys...more

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