The Sarah Palin Collection
(sources and validity are unknown)

"Obama Be Fine in 2009"


I assume that is one of the many photoshopped ones, but who knows. If it is real, then maybe she can swing NY and NV with just a minor wardrobe adjustment. BTW: I somehow doubt that you are a BSG [Battlestar Gallactica] fan, but one of the running gags have been the photo comparisons between the hard drinking, hard nosed, ex-POW executive officer and McCain. Now Palin comes along and has a slight resemblance to President Laura Roslin, the former school teacher turned secretary of education who ascends to the presidency when the 42 people ahead of her in the line of succession are killed in a nuclear sneak attack.
I wanted to say that the Alaskan state oil rebate for each person in the state will be $2069 this year. If former NJ Governor Jim McGreevy were to have announced $2069 for each person in NJ, he would have been at 89% approval! Perhaps he would have broken the 90% glass ceiling! Just think of Jim McGreevy as a hockey dad! Don't visualize him with his pit bull lipstick!