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Breaking News July 11 - Westfield Workers Rescue Details
Happy Fourth of July!

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2007 Edition of This Is Westfield
July 5, 2007
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Local Cable Channels at Center of Comcast-Verizon Service Dispute

IT'S MAGIC“Will the Magician,” Will Fern from Team Magic, delights children during last week’s annual picnic for patients from Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, sponsored by the Westfield Jaycees and held at the home of Keith Hertell in Westfield.

dot.jpg (865 bytes) WF Considers BOA, PB Special Meetings Fees
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Work Begins at Library; Building to Reopen by Nov.
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Town, State Health Officials Look Into WF Drowning
dot.jpg (865 bytes) DeChellis Retires After 56 Years With WF Plumbing
dot.jpg (865 bytes) CSH Patients Enjoy Evening Outside Hospital
dot.jpg (865 bytes) PB Member’s Absence Delays Canterbury Discussion
Scotch Plains/Fanwood:
dot.jpg (865 bytes) SP Supports Rt. 78 Project; BH Opposes 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Board of Education Wraps Up for Summer
dot.jpg (865 bytes) BOE Fills Positions For Upcoming School Year
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Glenn Mortimer Top Rotarian at Awards Dinner

dot.jpg (865 bytes) 
Lawyer Ponders Round Two Versus Corzine on Grants

Editorial Cartoon

Editorial: The One-Way Railroad


YOU CAN GET IT DONE...Scotch Plains catcher Chris Zazzali confers with relief pitcher Joe Bonaccorso in the sixth inning. Bonoccorso permitted just two hits, striking out one and walking none.

Cranford Baseball 11s, Edge SPF Gold in Ripken Semi; Antone’s Pubmen ‘Walk’ Past American Legion in 7th; SJI Deletes ACI in 8th In Battle of Softball ‘Initials; Westfield Policemen Rumble Past Westside Police; WF White Routs Wolverines In Ripken Tournament; Watson Ave. Glory Boys RunOver Poplar Softballers Photos

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Oh, Those Summer Nights

Let the Music Play: New Jersey Symphony Kicks Off Echo Lake Park Summer Concerts
Home & Garden: Theaters Coming To a Home Near You 

Freshman Observation Of a Post-Prom Mishap Part 2

UNPLUGGEDAn artist’s rendering of the Westfield Memorial Library’s proposed wireless lounge space as provided to The Westfield Leader in November 2006.

HEALTHY EATING…Residents take advantage of beautiful weather and gather fresh vegetables last Saturday at the Farmer’s Market in Scotch Plains. The market is held each Saturday throughout the summer in the parking lot next to the municipal building on Park Avenue.

Government Reform Thoughts

After the general election in November, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine has a plan to sell public assets such as the New Jersey Turnpike to balance the budget. The details of his scheme, called monetarization, are so esoteric that State Senator Tom Kean, Jr. has filed a Freedom of Information petition with the Federal government in attempt to uncover the details.

The Governor has written language into this year's budget that permits him to commit expenditures of unlimited amounts for legal and financial fees to arrange the contracts for the sale. We believe that a proposal of this scope should require voter approval in a statewide referendum.

We question that the NJ Constitution permits authorization of expenditures of unlimited amounts. We question that the constitution permits borrowing or sale of assets for the purpose of meeting operating expenses. As such, is the Governor exceeding his constitutional authority?
- See year-to-date reform thoughts.

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