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Creative Writing Contest Winners in This Is Westfield


County Proposes Soccer Fields, Sr. Center for Ponderosa Farm

DEVELOPMENT CONTINUES…Millennium Homes in Garwood, a major construction project across the street from Shoprite, shows significant progress and a healthy local economy.

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dot.jpg (865 bytes) BOA Okays Temporary Business Trailers
dot.jpg (865 bytes) BOE Objects to Judge’s UCESC Ruling
Scotch Plains/Fanwood:
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Auditors Give SP Perfect Financial Report
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Fanwood to Host Vigil For Area POWs/MIAs
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Officials Show Concern Over School Tax Proposal
dot.jpg (865 bytes) BOE Gets Feedback About Public Use of School
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Attorney General Resigns; Estrada’s Action Questioned
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Cell Phone Companies Look To Eliminate Dead Zones
Editorial: We Think There Is a Need For the Average John Doe
Editorial: On Ponderosa, Government Gave The Citizens a Say – It Worked


GETTING SERIOUS…Blue Devil lineman Matt Ince works on improving his power by doing high repetition front squats with 185-lbs during a workout session at Gary Kehler Stadium.

Sports: Blue Devil Footballers Focus On Intense Weight Training; Investors Savings Rip Deegan For A Division Softball Title; Russell Road Tops Montrose For FOMSA Softball Crown; SPF 9s Show Moxie in Ripken Mid-Atlantic Regional Series; St. Anne ‘Intentionally’ Beats Undermanned Blaisers; Westfield Baseball 11s Win League, Linden Tournament; WF Blue 12s Capture Crown In N. Providence Green League: Photos

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'Christmas' On The Set

'Perfect Christmas' in August: Westfield Looks A Lot Like Christmas for Movie Shoot
From Silent Films to a ‘Perfect Christmas’: Filming in Westfield Through the Ages
Popcorn: Talladega Nights - Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Laughter
Home & Garden: The Rules of Addition
Shabat Shalom: Israeli Dance Troupe Performs For Campers

STAR STRUCK...Claudia Romeo, a Wilson Elementary School student, met Queen Latifah last Tuesday night while she was in Westfield filming Perfect Christmas. See page 18 and Photos.

WE DIG, DIG, DIG, DIG…Work continues on the new miniature golf course at the Scotch Hills Country Club on Plainfield Avenue in Scotch Plains. The golf course is owned and operated by the township.

New Jersey is suffering through its latest disgrace as Attorney General Zulima Farber was forced to resign Tuesday over ethics violations. The view of most in the state is that Farber should have never been appointed in the first place. She officially steps down August 31 and New Jersey will have yet another "acting official." Political appointee in February and assistant Attorney General, Anne Milgram, 35, stands to be the "Acting Attorney General." When will this all end? Every lawyer in the state is hoping to receive a call from the governor for the appointment. We don't need another lawyer. We need Diogenes to help us find an honest man. On the selection of a replacement for Attorney General, please see our editorial of September 22, 2005; We'd Like to See the Resumes - See detail and provide your thoughts.

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