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Area Candidates for Election November 8, 2005
Last updated: 11/11/2005 08:04:47 AM


Governor (1, 4-yr.)
Jon Corzine (D)
Doug Forrester (R)
Jeffrey Pawlowski (L)
Hector Castillo (Ed)
State Assembly D-21 (2, 2-yr.)
Jon Bramnick (R) (I)
Eric Munoz (R) (I)
Steve Merman (D)
Bruce Bergen (D)
State Assembly D-22 (2, 2-yr.)
Linda Stender (D) (I)
Jerry Green (D) (I)
Nancy Malool (R)
Elyse Bochicchio-Medved (R)
Union County Clerk (1, 5-yr.)
Joanne Rajoppi (D) (I)
Saundra Spector (R)
Union County Freeholder (3, 3-yr.)
Angel Estrada (D) (I)
Rick Proctor (D) (I)
Nancy Ward (D) (I)
Patricia Quattrocchia (R)
Stuart Kline (R)
Albert Dill (R)
Westfield Mayor (1, 4-yr.)
Andrew Skibitsky (R) (I)
Tom Jardim (D)
Westfield Council Ward 1 (1, 4-yr.)
Sal Caruana (R) (I)
Audrey Fisch (D)
Westfield Council Ward 2 (1, 4-yr.)
Vicki Kimmins (R)
Frank Fusaro (D)
Westfield Council Ward 3 (1, 4-yr.)
Darielle Walsh (R) (I)
David Haas (D)
Westfield Council Ward 4 (1, 4-yr.)
Eric Leuthold (R)
Thomas Bigosinski (D)
Fanwood Council (2, 3-yr.)
Joan Wheeler (D)
Bruce Walsh (D)
Michael D’Antuono (R)
Maureen Mawby (R)
Garwood Council (2, 3-yr.)
William Schadewald (D) (I)
Walter Tucker (D) (I)
Anthony Sytko (R)
Bruce Paterson (R)
Mountainside Council (2, 3-yr.)
Keith Turner (R) (I)
Paul Mirabelli (R) (I)


New Jersey Governor
4-yr. term
Corzine Winner

Jon Corzine
Doug Forrester
Jeffrey Pawlowski Hector Castillo
1,157,385 954,347 14,979 28,387

Statewide Public Questions (97.1% reporting):
Should NJ Have Lt. Gov.?: Yes = 793,441; No = 633,240
Allow Bus. Tax for Diesel Pollution?: Yes = 775,331; No = 611,296

New Jersey General Assembly District 21,
Select two, 2-yr. terms
Bramnick & Munoz Winners

Jon Bramnick
Eric Munoz
Steve Merman
Bruce Bergen
38,799 39,493 27,258 27,550

New Jersey General Assembly District 22, Select two, 2-yr. terms
Stender & Green Winners

Linda Stender
Dem (I)
Jerry Green
Dem (I)
Nancy Malool
28,745 27,069 17,503 15,790

Union County Freeholders,
Select three, 3-yr. terms
Estrada, Proctor & Ward Winners

Angel Estrada Dem (I) Rick Proctor
Dem (I)
Nancy Ward
Dem (I)
Patricia Quattrocchia
Stuart Kline 
Albert Dill
64,472 63,793 65,501 45,834 45,012 44,095

unioncountydems.com - unioncountygop.org

Union County Clerk, 5-yr. term
Rajoppi Winner

Joanne Rajoppi Dem (I)
Saundra Spector (R)
71,970 39,981

Westfield Mayor, 4-yr. term
Skibitsky Winner

Andrew Skibitsky
6365 votes
Tom Jardim
5034 votes
video video

Westfield Council, One from each Ward, 4-yr. terms
Caruana and Kimmins Winners

Sal Caruana  Ward 1
Audrey Fisch
Ward 1
Vicki Kimmins
Ward 2
Frank Fusaro
Ward 2
1689 1244 1471 1168

Westfield Council, One from each Ward, 4-yr. terms
Haas Winner
Bigosinki Winner by 1 vote
Provisional ballots included; challenge likely

Darielle Walsh Ward 3
David Haas
Ward 3
Eric Leuthold
Ward 4
Tom Bigosinki
Ward 4
1162 1538 1409
56 Absentee
2 Provisional

1467 tot.
76 Absentee
1 Provisional

1468 tot.

Fanwood Council, Select two, 3-yr. terms
Walsh & Wheeler Winners

Joan Wheeler
Bruce Walsh
Maureen Mawby
Michael D’Antuono
1,353 1,388 1,297 1,335

Scotch Plains, No Township races this year

Mountainside Council, Select two, 3-yr. terms; GOP Sweep Unopposed
Winners Unopposed

Keith Turner 
Paul Mirabelli
1,655 1,656

Garwood Council, Select two, 3-yr. terms
Schadewald & Tucker Winners

William Schadewald
Dem (I)
Walter Tucker
Dem (I)
Anthony Sytko GOP Bruce Paterson
658 616 591 564

First Ward:
Districts 1 and 2: Roosevelt Intermediate School Gym, 302 Clark Street.
Districts 3, 5 and 7: Franklin Elementary School Auditorium, 700 Prospect Street.
Districts 4 and 6: Westfield Memorial Library, Program Room, 550 East Broad Street.

Second Ward:
District 1: Union County Annex, 300 North Avenue.
District 2, 3 and 6: Washington Elementary School Auditorium, 900 St. Marks Avenue.
District 4 and 5: Wilson Elementary School Auditorium, 301 Linden Avenue.

Third Ward:
District 1: Westfield Rescue Squad, 335 Watterson Street.
Districts 2, 3 and 4: Edison Intermediate School Gym, 800 Rahway Avenue.
Districts 5, 6 and 7: Jefferson Elementary School Auditorium, 1200 Boulevard.

Fourth Ward:
Districts 1 and 2: McKinley Elementary School Auditorium, 500 First Avenue.
Districts 3 and 4: Westfield High School Lobby, 550 Dorian Road.
District 5: Jefferson Elementary School Auditorium, 1200 Boulevard.


District 1 and 6: Municipal Building, Court Room, 1385 Route 22.
District 2, 7 and 8: Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church, 300 Central Avenue.
District 3, 4 and 5: Presbyterian Church, Assembly Room, Deerpath and Meeting House Lane.


Districts 1, 2 and 3: Park Middle School Boy’s Gym, 580 Park Avenue.
Districts 4 and 5: Scotch Plains Library, Children’s Room, 1927 Bartle Avenue.
Districts 6, 7 and 8: Evergreen School, Third Grade Hallway, 2280 Evergreen Avenue.
District 9: Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, Front Hall by Auditorium, Westfield Road.
District 10: Brunner Elementary School, Front Lobby, Westfield Road.
District 11: St. John the Baptist Church, 2387 Morse Avenue, Fellowship Hall.
Districts 12 and 13: McGinn Elementary School, Room 10, Roosevelt Avenue.
Districts 14 and 15: Union Catholic High School Lobby, Martine Avenue.
Districts 16 and 21: Union County Vocational-Technical Schools, 1776 Raritan Road, Baxel Hall (The Commons).
Districts 17 and 18: Terrill Middle School Auditorium Lobby, 1301 Terrill Road.
Districts 17 and 18: Terrill Middle School, Auditorium Lobby, 1301 Terrill Road.
Districts 19 and 20: Coles Elementary School, Lobby, 16 Kevin School.


Districts 1 and 2: Fanwood Borough Hall, 75 North Martine Avenue.
District 3: Children’s Specialized Hospital, 330 South Avenue.
District 4 and 5: Terrill Road Bible Chapel, 535 Terrill Road.
District 6 and 7: Fanwood Memorial Library, North Avenue and Tillotson Road.

District One - Firehouse Building, 415 South Avenue
District Two - Borough Hall, 403 South Avenue
District Three - Lincoln School, 400 Second Avenue
District Four - Lincoln School, 400 Second Avenue

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