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Newsflash 9/4:  New Jersey Emergency Professionals are on the way to the gulf states. Citizens can view federal government posting of emergency information at www.fema.gov - If you believe you are getting gouged by a gas station, report it to the state, call toll free at 877-664-6843 - see details
NJ Emergency ProfessionalsGas Gouging Details: FEMA
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Sticker-Shock At the Gas Pumps, But No Reduction In Use

THE BIG DIG…The northern end of Elm Street in Westfield gets completely rebuilt as part of the town’s program to permanently repair the street. Old rail ties and Trolley tracks, which were buried beneath the surface for decades, are removed.

dot.jpg (865 bytes) Firemen Contract Now In Arbitrator’s Hands
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Children Back to Classrooms Wednesday
dot.jpg (865 bytes) ‘Slim Jim’ Rescue on Satellite News
dot.jpg (865 bytes) BOE Caps Kindergarten Enrollment
Scotch Plains/Fanwood: 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Forty-Six Teachers Join District
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Three Seek BOE Vacancy
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Dunlap Faces Psychiatric Examination
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Over-Sized House OK’d Despite Concerns
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Schools Add 21Teachers, Admins.
dot.jpg (865 bytes) County OK’s $2.5 Million for Meisel.
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Consumer Affairs Dir. Kimberly Ricketts Tells of Home Contractor Licensing
Editorial: A History of Labor Day and What it Means To Us Today
Editorial: Local Races Competitive This Year As Campaign Kicks Off Next Week.

SPECIAL TEAMS…Raider Tri-Captain Nick Giannaci leaps high into the air in an effort to block a field goal attempt during a scrimmage with Cedar Grove and Hudson Catholic on August 26.
Sports: Soccer Blue Devil Boys Must Earn The Starting Positions; Blue Devil Soccer Ladies Look To Excel With Speed, Youth; All-Corbin Team Arrives Sept. 8.

Westfield's Susan Cook at Smithsonian Magazine

Theatre: WYACT, Hillcrest Academy...Stop Dreaming
Music: NJ Choral Arts
Popcorn: Broken Flowers, At end It Wilts

Transportation, Maintenance Main Concerns to Seniors

Asian Imports Flood Ports

GOOD NEWS...The rescue team of Westfield firefighters and police pose last Friday with toddler John Butterfield in front of the satellite news truck after the live national news interview. Pictured above, left to right, are: Captain Roger Sawicki, Patrolman Greg Kasko, Lt. Anthony Tiller, Firefighter Benjamin Corbin, Lt. Tom Ryan, Lt. Scott Miller; Firefighters Michael Duelks, Michael Skubish and Jim Pfeiffer; son and father John Butterfield and Fire Chief Dan Kelly. Not shown are: Deputy Chiefs Ken Dannevig and David Kelly; Firefighter Michael Sawicki; Patrolmen Harold Caulfield and Robert Beaton.

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New Jersey Emergency Volunteer Professionals Left to Gulf States

By Horace Corbin

WESTFIELD, NJ September 4, 2005 -- 1,000 two-men fire fighter teams from across the nation went to the Gulf states to help in the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

New Jersey and Union County including Westfield, Cranford, Hillside, Union, Springfield, Plainfield and Elizabeth have volunteer professional teams that departed Saturday to parts unknown in the gulf states. This mobilization has been underway since Thursday.

The fire fighter teams carry with them survival gear for living in the wild while performing their rescue work; military rations, water filters and such equipment. The men are volunteers for at least a 30-day period.

NJ Emergency medical response teams consisting of state employed physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and crisis counselors are also being deployed to regular and field hospitals in Baton Rouge.

It is expected that other personnel will be dispatched on a longer-term basis as the gulf region transitions in this unprecedented disaster.

Officials report that the unconditional commitments to this disaster are also mindful of the regular service obligations of these forces in their home communities.

Photos: Fire Chief Dan Kelly recommended the Westfield Team that includes Captain Michael Brennan and firefighter Tom Ryan

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