Republican Leadership For The 21st Legislative District
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Zoning Bd. to Visit Bowcraft Before Water Park Approval
NewsFlash 9/19:   Tropical Storm Isabel leaves area largely untouched. Friday, September 19 has beautiful weather rapidly approaching. This area is returning quickly to normal. Weekend weather should be spectacular for Scotch Plains Day on Saturday and for Westfield FestiFall on Sunday -  Advertise with us.   Details

GOVERNOR GOES BACK TO SCHOOL...On September 9, Governor James McGreevey visited Westfield High School to note progress in the construction project. Pictured, above, he speaks with Bob Brewster's students.

dot.jpg (865 bytes) BOE Analyzes Community Survey Results
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Mayor Updates Council on Redevelopment 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Drafted Site Plan OK'd for Indian Restaurant
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Zoning Board Applicants Told to Scale Back 
Scotch Plains/Fanwood: 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Solid Waste Ordinance Fines Amended 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) New Slate of Administrators Take Helm
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Kids Acquire Safety Tips at FW Fair
dot.jpg (865 bytes) FW Council Recalls Sept. 11 Victims
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Alcohol License Fees Might Increase
dot.jpg (865 bytes) School Bus Service Worries Parents
Quiet Remembrance for Second Anniversary of 9/11; Proposed Lighted Turf Field Promises Interfaces Between Towns
Education/Teacher Profile: 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Alisa Shupak, Terrill School, Scotch Plains

The 2003 All-Corbin Team is Here! Check Out All of the Highlights in Color!
Sports Headlines: Blue Devil Net Girls Expect to Be Well Within the Mix; Young Blue Devil Girls Expect Fine Field Hockey Season; Blue Devil Boys Are Loaded With 'Soccer First' Athletes; St. Anne Baffles St. Joe and Wins St. Bart Title; Raider Soccer Ladies Look to Excel with Youth, Speed; Raider Soccer Boys Feel They Have the Right 'Chemistry.' 

By Mary Paynter

Art: Mary Paynter of WF and Mary Hovanec of FW: Talent Was Family-Grown
Landscape Art Group Graces Wall in WF
Pen & Ink: Discovery Channel's 'American Choppers' Revs Up Viewers
Queen of Arts: Would Van Gogh Eat Cannoli or Cabbage? Cool Cookbooks 


DECONTAMINATION...Westfield fireman prepares to decontaminate patients who arrived in Westfield during the mock disaster drill on September 6.
Jim is an independent businessman having built a successful law practice. “Based on my experience running a law practice, I know the importance of being fiscally responsible.” Jim believes that thoughtful budgeting and prudent spending are the keys to running a successful business and town government is no different. “I promise to work hard to limit spending without sacrificing the high standard of services we as Westfielders expect. I will utilize our tax dollars wisely and commit myself to maintaining our beautiful parks, ball fields and recreation facilities.” Jim will continue to improve our streets and sidewalks so that our families may travel safely about town.       “We need to take a fresh look at the budget and find new innovative ways to maximize the productivity of our limited tax dollars.” Jim believes that as taxpayers, we must hold Union County Government responsible for its runaway spending. As part of the Westfield Republican Team, he will work side by side with fellow Westfielders Senator Tom Kean, Jr. and Assemblyman Jon Bramnick to increase state aid to Westfield. “By fighting to increase state aid, we can help to ease our property tax burden which is presently borne on the backs of our seniors and hard working families.” As part of the Westfield community, Jim is a member of the Westfield Jaycees serving as that groups President last year while continuing his work on the Child Shield Program. As a member of the Jaycees, Jim helps to raise money for college scholarships for our graduating seniors.

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