Republican Leadership For The 21st Legislative District
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Lighted Turf Field Proposed in Westfield On Scotch Plains Border
9/ 11 Remembered:   September 11th and the days that followed were the most difficult days I have encountered as Mayor of this town. I continue to be humbled by the strength of the Westfield families who lost loved ones on that day and am immensely proud of the outpouring of concern and support that the community has expressed for its neighbors. Gregory McDermott, Mayor of Westfield, Sept. 12, 2002   Details

OPEN FOR BUSINESS...Eager students, some accompanied by their parents, scurried to the doors of Edison Intermediate School in Westfield to usher in the first official day of school for the 2003-2004 academic term. 

dot.jpg (865 bytes) Pedestrian Hit  at Central Ave., E. Broad St.
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Council Hears Update on Lighted Turf Field
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Completion of Prospect St. Paving Expected
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Traffic Light Reinstalled on South Avenue 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Mock Emergency Disaster Drill Conducted
Scotch Plains/Fanwood: 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) BOE Discusses Extraordinary Aid Shortfall 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) SP Centre Redevelopment Ideas Addressed  
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Replacement of Communications Tower Eyed
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Residents Fear Devel. Will Increase Flooding
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Deerfield Principal to Depart in October
dot.jpg (865 bytes) A Retrospective of Westfield, SP-F Schools
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Pay to Play Bill Gains Momentum Statewide
September Brings New Beginnings As Pace Picks Up in Area
Education/Teacher Profile: 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Cathy Loughlin, Washington School, Westfield

CLOUD OF DUST...Blaiser Mark DeFrancesco stirs up a cloud of dust as he skids into second base.
Sports Headlines: SP-F Raider Grid Men to Take One Step at a Time; Blue Devil Grid Men Present Bigger, More Physical Team; Unintimidated St. Joe's Jolt St. Michael in Semis. 

Music: Trent Johnson Still Strikes Common Chord With Audiences
Mutual Support of WAA, Spouse Keeps Chester's Art Fresh
Pen & Ink: Burning Bush in GQ Issue Scalds Believers, Non-Believers
My Take on It: Soggy End of Summer Makes Fall Most Welcome


WHEEE!...The Super Slide 2000 provided attendees to the 29th Annual UNICO St. Bartholomew Labor Day Italian Festival with hours of thrills last weekend. 
POPCORN: Open Range: Back in the Saddle Again

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 Foerst For Council Priscilla Mann, Treasurer, 642 Downer St. Westfield

Jim is an independent businessman having built a successful law practice. “Based on my experience running a law practice, I know the importance of being fiscally responsible.” Jim believes that thoughtful budgeting and prudent spending are the keys to running a successful business and town government is no different. “I promise to work hard to limit spending without sacrificing the high standard of services we as Westfielders expect. I will utilize our tax dollars wisely and commit myself to maintaining our beautiful parks, ball fields and recreation facilities.” Jim will continue to improve our streets and sidewalks so that our families may travel safely about town.       “We need to take a fresh look at the budget and find new innovative ways to maximize the productivity of our limited tax dollars.” Jim believes that as taxpayers, we must hold Union County Government responsible for its runaway spending. As part of the Westfield Republican Team, he will work side by side with fellow Westfielders Senator Tom Kean, Jr. and Assemblyman Jon Bramnick to increase state aid to Westfield. “By fighting to increase state aid, we can help to ease our property tax burden which is presently borne on the backs of our seniors and hard working families.” As part of the Westfield community, Jim is a member of the Westfield Jaycees serving as that groups President last year while continuing his work on the Child Shield Program. As a member of the Jaycees, Jim helps to raise money for college scholarships for our graduating seniors.

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