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Click Here For School Board Elections & Budget Voting after 9 p.m. April 15

The Westfield Leader office relocated to 251 North Ave. West on April 1, 2003
BOE Hopes Draft on WHS Parking Will Allay Concern 

ADDING ON...New construction on the 31-room addition to the Chelsea in downtown Fanwood is "on schedule," according to Jennifer Ricci, Executive Director of the Senior Citizen Complex. 
School Board Biographies Told on Pages 2, 3
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Candidates Vie for Four-Year Council Terms 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Town Council Gives Budget Green Light
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Citizens Fly Flags in Support of Troops
Scotch Plains/Fanwood: 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) FW Residents to Elect Mayor, Council Reps.
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Fate of SP-F School Budget Up to Voters
dot.jpg (865 bytes) SP Mayor Marks Challenges Sen. Suliga
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Municipal Budget Introduced in Township
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Parking Alternatives Around SPFHS Eyed
dot.jpg (865 bytes) GOP to Run Unopposed in 2003 Elections 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) DEM, GOP Primaries Set in Districts 21, 22 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Three Freeholder Seats Up for Grabs
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Questions Remain After First 9/11 Hearing
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Methods of BOE Budget Funding, Voting Needs Altering, Though Schools Will Flourish; WF Parking Ticket Blitz Has Wide Range of Ramifications 

SOLID...The Blue Devil Lady Laxers defensive unit played with lots of intensity and heart on April 4 at Tamaques Park.
The Week In Sports: Raider Softball Ladies Chill BridgeH2O Panthers; Blue Devil Laxmen Surprise Summit Hilltoppers; Cougars Capitalize, Set Back Blue Devil Baseballers.

Veteran Journalist, FW Native Dan Lynch Gets Wordy THEATER: Good Golly! Miss Molly Barber Savors Peach Role
ART: Guild Artists Show Figurative Drawings
PEN & INK: Target: The Pocketbooks of France, Germany at War Time 

SLIP AND SLIDE...A school bus hit a telephone pole, breaking it in half, on Lambertsmill Road in Westfield during a snowstorm on April 7. No injuries were reported.
POPCORN: Dreamcatcher: More Like The Big Sleep
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