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Special Edition: Looking Back at First Half Year 2002

First Half of Year 2002 Brought:
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I Tried to be Careful Mr. Jones;
Thank You Santa For Understanding

When I was a young boy, admittedly a long time ago, Christmastime was a time of great joy, wonderment, warmth and merriment. True, Santa Claus was on my mind. I thought Id been good most of the year and that Santa would be good to me.

Hed understand that when I broke Mr. Jones window with the foul ball, that it was an accident. I was sure Santa would also understand that when we heard the shattering glass, there was a moment of panic. Yes, we all ran and even thought wed get away with it undiscovered.

Our mothers knew about that broken window before we ever got home. A stern lecture and direct orders to go over to Mr. Jones and confess that I did it thats what I got. Mr. Jones tried to be very stern and asked if Id rake and weed his garden to help pay for it. I did. He then thanked me for owning up and asked that I be more careful next time. I think he even smiled, now that I look back on it.

It must have been the right thing to do because Santa did get me the Lionel train that I had so longed for. And next year I got the red Western Flyer bicycle.

Christmas then was also such a happy time of the year everyone smiled and wished all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. For a moment, at least, there was "Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Men."

I didnt understand political correctness back then. The only thing I believed was that Merry Christmas was the warmest possible greeting that one person could give to another. It was only pure good in the intent.

Well, after all those years, I might have broken a few other windows since but I always owned up. I tried to be careful, Mr. Jones. And thank you, Santa, for understanding.

I still think its okay to say, "Merry Christmas." In the warmest sense, Merry Christmas, everyone and Happy New Year!


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