Westfield, Mountainside, Berkeley Heights, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Union Cty, NJ Newspaper APR 13, 2000
"This Is Westfield" 28th Annual Edition, The Year 2000
This is Westfield Table Of Contents: (Entire Edition, 9 MB pdf)
Contents & Acknowledgements Page 03
Editor’s, Mayor Jardim’s Note Page 04
Historic Architecture in Westfield Page 06
Historic Neighborhoods Page 10
Monument to Veterans of WW I Page 11
Gold Star Streets Page 12
Top Ten Places in Westfield Page 14
Revolutionary Cemetery Page 18
Town Building Permits Page 20
Tour of Notable Homes Page 22
Westfield Entertainer of the Year Page 24
Sports Coverage Page 27
Police and Fire Rosters Page 40
Rescue Squad Roster Page 42
Board of Education Listings Page 44
Westfield’s School Principals Page 48
Houses of Worship Page 52
Meet Your Government Page 54
Back Cover Page 56
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Publisher’s Note
Neighborhoods and Places To Be

Welcome to This Is Westfield, our 28th annual edition. The town’s historic architecture and neighborhoods are featured this year. Traces to the village days a few centuries ago hint at an explanation of the benefaction bestowed on the town today by scores of generations. Also within, the staff chose the “Ten Historic Spots in Westfield” today. Do you agree?
     The year 2000 finds Westfield booming. In a way, it’s a paradox because nearly all land of the town and of its neighbors is developed. So, the boom is not growth in architecture. The boom is in the spirit and energy of the
people. Too, they dream in all ways that makes them human. Also, the Town is engaged with many aspirations, and it eagerly embraces the challenges that define civilization of our times.
     Our 110th year of newspaper publishing doesn’t reach the full 300 year history of the humble beginnings for the town. But, we’re going to try to catch up over the next century. Thank you for the support: yesterday, today and tomorrow.
     If you have the lingua for French, thank Michelle LePoidevin for the fine job as editor for this edition. I thank her, the entire staff and the many contributors for this labor of love.
     Everything we publish, over the last century and now, is made possible by you and by our advertisers. As readers, you provide the ultimate validation. It’s a great team where all benefit. Look for us in print and on the Internet, www.goleader.com. We like hearing from you. Send your e-mails to press@goleader.com. Better yet, stop in and say hello. Thank you.

Horace R. Corbin

"This Is Westfield", The Entire Year 2000 Edition (9 Megabites)
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