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The archives from 1907 to the present of The Westfield Leader newspaper and The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times newspaper are online here. Additional information is included. The archives are searchable. Due to the extensive nature of this archive, please read the instructions. The archives are classified as Modern Era (1997 to present) and Historical Era (back to 1907). Documents during the transition from 1994 to 1997 are currently not complete on this website. This website was created on December 31, 1996. The resolution of documents here are optimized for web viewing and searching. You can retrieve the Archives by Date. High resolution files since 2000 along with photo and video records are available. Copies of the archives can be purchased. Bound books since 1970 are in the newspaper office for viewing by appointment. Books prior to that were destroyed by fire. The newspapers from 1890 to 1906 were not saved. Additional publications are online at the Westfield, Scotch Plains and Fanwood libraries. The Westfield Historical Society and Genealogical Society have many documents and assist with research. Please subscribe and let us help your business with advertising. Horace Corbin, Publisher.

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The Westfield Leader to 1907

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Through the dedication of many, more than 100 years of The Westfield Leader and The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times, searchable, are online here.

Suggestion: If you find articles of interest, note the dates and download the complete newspapers from the Archives by Date and use the "find" feature of Acrobat Reader for more information.

Instructions and Help:
Frequently Asked Questions:
The newspaper page is too big to print. How can I print just the area I want?
Answer: You need to purchase software to crop and edit pdf files or you can purchase this service from us.
2. My printout of the photo is not HiRes. How do I improve this?
Answer: The online files are web resolution. HiRes prints and files can be purchased from us. Use HiGloss printer paper or use a retail print service.
3. I have a lot of research to do with the archives. Is there any way to speed this up?
Answer: Yes, you can purchase DVD's from us and search directly from your computer, which is faster.
Search Tips: You may need to refine your search to find what you want.
Select the Year if you know it. Select Use Boolean Logic. This is a powerful feature. Boolean expressions need to be 'correct' in order for the search system to use them. Format of correct expressions are: cat and dog, cat not dog, cat or (dog not nose). Note that the operator not has the meaning of 'without'. You can put a phrase in quotations to find only exactly that: i.e., "Coach Gary Kehler"
Examples (generated Dec. 23, 2007)
With Use Boolean Logic
Search: "Gary Kehler" = 710 matches
Search: "Coach Gary Kehler" = 73 matches
Search: "Gary Kehler" not stadium = 207 matches
Search: Gary and Kehler = 919 matches
Search: Gary and Kehler not stadium = 299 matches
Search: Coach and Gary and Kehler not stadium = 179 matches
Search: Coach and Gary and Kehler = 675 matches
With Use All Keywords
Search: Gary Kehler = 919 matches
With Use Any Keyword
Search: Gary Kehler = 2,913 matches.

Sometimes middle names cause confusion. Boolean Searching for "Adrian Walsh" may not find "Adrian Thomas Walsh" but searching for "Adrian" and "Walsh" will find "Adrian Thomas Walsh" (and perhaps many other things as well).

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Boolean Searches
* 1 What is Boolean?
- 1.1 AND
- 1.2 OR
- 1.3 NOT
* 2 Parenthesis
* 3 Wild Cards
* 4 Phrase Search
* 5 Mixing Advanced Features
Boolean is a set of values that helps determine if something is true or false. In simpler terms, it allows users to use the words "AND", "OR", "NOT" to narrow down search results.
The following is list of Boolean expressions that may be used for advanced searching:
Type the word AND between two words. This will search for articles that contain both "word1" AND "word2" somewhere on the page. If you type a sequence of words, it is the same as if you had typed AND between each word. Examples:
1. word1 AND word2
2. word1 AND word2 AND word3
3. word1 word2 word3
Type the word OR between two words that you want to search for. This will search for articles that contain either "word1" or "word2," but not both words together on the same page.
1. word1 OR word2 Example: Vital records OR Civil registration
2. word3 OR word4 Example: Census OR Tax
The search function uses NOT for excluding words from your search. Use NOT between two words to search for articles that contain "word1" but do not contain "word2"
1. word1 NOT word2 Example: England NOT London
You can control the search with parenthetical expressions by using the parenthesis.
1. (word1 AND (word2 OR word3)) Example: (German AND Emigration) OR birth)) This would produce results for pages with content that includes German and Emigration or only birth.
Phrase Search
Text with double quotes implies a phrase search. Use this type of search when you need to find an article that includes the exact phrase you are looking for. Example:
1. "New York City"
2. "California birth records"
3. "Family History Library"
Mixing Advanced Features
All the Boolean search features can be mixed together for added strength in searching for articles. Examples:
1. (word1 AND (word2 OR "phrase search"))

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