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2009 Note: The archives have been updated for this period at the libraries.
See At the Library The Westfield Leader archive for 1907 to 1998
See At the Library The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times archive for 1963 to 1998
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The complete newspapers are available for this year from above. Alternately, select the Web Page for the week to download the newspaper and access other features.

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The complete newspaper content became available as pdf files on April 16, 1998. It wasn't until December 3, 1998 that the newspapers with all advertisements became available electronically. Prior to April 16, 1998, some of newspaper pages are available which can be accessed from the Web Pages of the corresponding week.

1997 Newspapers

Not Available Electronically. For Microfilm, please go to the Westfield Library Library (archives back to 1904) or the Scotch Plains Library (archives back to 1959).

1997 Web Pages Only are available.
97jan-feb list          

Some 1997 articles of the newspapers are available on the web pages above which also contain other features. The newspaper operation was transforming to electronic during this period and only printed and microfilm archives are available. A summary of 1996 news is available.
 Summaries: 1996.pdf - 1997january.pdf - 1997february.pdf - 1997march.pdf
1997april.pdf - 1997may.pdf - 1997june.pdf - 1997july.pdf - 1997august
1997october.pdf - 1997november.pdf - 1997december.pdf
1997other.pdf - 1997atlanta.pdf

The Westfield Leader has been published weekly since 1890. The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times has been published weekly since 1959. This web site, was established on 12/31/96. It is updated daily with news shorts. A major update is made weekly in synch with the printed newspapers each Thursday. Our other publications, photos, videos and special features are available here.

January 15, 2009: The Westfield Leader archives online have been expanded to 1907. The prior year, The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times archives online were expanded to 1963. These archives are pdf files and are searchable. This was achieved with considerable dedication by many and with the assistance of the Westfield, Scotch Plains and Fanwood libraries. I offer my special thanks. Regards, Horace Corbin, Publisher

The newspapers from 1998 to the present can be retrieved by date of publication. An example address is: where the date is a Thursday, corresponding to publication date. This site can be Searched. Archives from 1994 to 1997 are not complete.





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