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Westfield, Mountainside, Berkeley Heights, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Union County, NJ News July 16, 1999
"Serve, Educate and Entertain" Story & Charter

July 16, 1999
TV-36 Media Advisory Board
Town of Westfield To Cable TV Viewers:
TV-36 wants to hear from you!
Community access channel TV-36, operated by the Town of Westfield
and the Board of Education, is exploring opportunities to increase and enhance
programming on TV-36. The possibilities are limited only by our imagination. 
The priorities are determined by you. Help us understand your needs and interests by
selecting or commenting on any item in this survey:
What school-oriented programs would you like to see broadcast on TV-36?
* School Board meetings 
* PTA meetings 
* Talks for parents 
* Call-ins with school administrators, with guidance, with faculty, academic discussions
* Student activities, school life features, student-produced videos,
 student news shows student projects
* Plays and concerts 
* Sports events 
* Assemblies 
* Art shows 
* Awards presentations 
What community-oriented programs would you like to see on TV-36?
* Town Council meetings 
* Call-ins to elected officials and Town staff
* Talks and presentations
* Community events
* Seniors issues
* Community talk shows
* Youth issues
* Shows featuring community organizations
* Music/drama performances
* Community sports
* Local celebrities
What kinds of programs are you most interested in seeing on TV-36? 
What kinds of programs on TV-36 do you think might attract the most viewers among 
Westfield's 7000 cable subscribers?
The federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 requires that Comcast provide a 
community channel for use by Westfield. How would you suggest spending programming
dollars that might be available to TV-36 from a variety of sources?
* Organizing volunteers
* Buying equipment 
* Hiring camera people to record meetings and events 
* Buying programs 
* Building a community television studio
Businesses, organizations and individuals can sponsor programs they wish to encourage,
and get on-screen credit for their generous support. Can you make an offer of support 
for your program idea, or do you have a suggestion that would connect a business 
you patronize with TV-36?
What are your favorite sources of community life in Westfield?
* Entertainment 
* Social gatherings 
* Fliers
* Recreation 
* Peer discussions 
* Brochures
* Dining 
* Telephone to friends 
* e-mail
* Stores and businesses 
* Telephone/business 
* Web sites
* Meetings 
* Face-to-face contact 
* TV-36 bulletin board
* Organizations 
* Networking 
* TV-36 programs
* Activities 
* Talks by experts 
* Videotapes and films
* Schools 
* Newspapers 
* Library
* Religious institutions 
* Newsletters
How might you play a leadership role in community life in Westfield? Volunteers are
the heart of community television. Would you be willing to:
* Work behind the scenes to help build a TV-36 volunteer organization 
* Volunteer to be an on-camera expert or personality, give presentations, etc. 
* Volunteer to record school or community events you attend 
* Take a piece of the 24-hour seven-day-per-week schedule as a producer 
* Would rather that TV-36 pay students and others to record programs
Which areas of new technology would you favor to improve TV-36:
* Moderately-priced quality cameras for cinematography and video journalism 
* A proposed self-service, crew-less community television studio 
* Viewer e-mail and telephone call-ins live to TV-36 
* State-of-the-art business-style presentation technology 
* Stereo sound on TV-36 
* Integrating the Internet and TV-36 to broadcast web pages and web cam 
* Digital video and audio editing on desktop computers
Would you be interested in TV-36 training/orientation workshops?
* Would participate 
* Would organize and/or lead 
* Not interested 
Would you suggest that local organizations produce:
* Electronic bulletin board messages 
* One-minute announcements 
* Five-minute features 
* Fifteen-minute programs 
* Half-hour programs 
* One-hour programs 
* Live
* Pre-recorded
When viewing a live TV-36 program, would you:
* e-mail comments and questions to the studio 
* O call in by telephone
* O send a letter O discuss topic with friends 
* O wouldn't participate
Schedule of TV-36 programs should appear:
* In the newspaper 
* On the Internet 
* On TV-36's bulletin board
If school and community events were available, possibly for a fee, on videotape or 
DVD disk at the library, or viewable on the Internet, would you be interested? 
* Videotapes 
* DVD's 
* Internet 
* Would pay a fee 
* Not interested
Electronic bulletin board messages on TV-36 during non-program times can be 
scheduled in a variety of ways. Please choose the options you prefer:
* Keep the sequence of bulletin board messages as it is now 
* Play urgent messages mostly 
* Play new messages mostly 
* Play urgent or timely messages at scheduled times each hour, like newsradio 
* Play certain categories of messages at selected times of the day only
Messages on TV-36's electronic bulletin board should be composed of
* Text 
* Graphic art 
* Photographs 
* Audio 
* Video
Would you look for messages on TV-36's electronic bulletin board:
* Anytime 
* At particular time(s)
What generation of Westfielder are you?
* Senior 
* Middle 30-40's 
* Young adult
* Teen 
* Child
If you can volunteer, please give your name, email address and telephone number:
Thank you for helping TV-36 find ways to help our community. Please send completed 
questionnaire to:
TV-36, Westfield Town Hall, 425 East Broad Street, Westfield NJ 07090, 
fax 908-233-3077, 
phone 908-789-4041 
M-F 8:30a-4:30p.

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