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URGENT Water Emergency Conservation

Recomendations as Suggested by
The Westfield Leader and The Times of Scotch Plains-Fanwood

While the mass media is focusing on the need to boil water for at least 3 minutes before use due to possible contamination, the general public may not be fully aware of the importance of conservation in this crisis.

While the boil water order is important, if we all do not DRASTICALLY cut water consumption we may have NO water to boil! Share this with everone you know friends, neighbors, family.

Simply put, Elizabethtown Water Company can not pump as much water into the system as we are drawing from it.

Immediately Ration ALL Use Of Water

NO Washing Machines
Store Your Dirty Laundry Until the Water Emergency is Over or Take Outside of the Elizabethtown Water Co.s Service Area

NO Dishwashers
Use disposable tableware Use Prepared Foods That Eliminate Preparation and the accompanying dishes.

NO Bathing
If you must bathe, take only 2-minute showers using a low-flow shower head. Turn water off while lathering. Use an electric razor to avoid water use.

NO Outdoor Use of ANY KIND
Do not water the lawn, wash the car, or use water for ANY reason! There are NO exceptions as there were during the drought restrictions!

LIMITED Toilet Flushing
Flush after every several uses. Toilets are among the largest water users in the home

TURN OFF Automatic Appliances
Shut the water off to your automatic ice maker (the ice is unusable anyway) Turn off your water softener - it wastes water when regenerating Shut down automatic sprinklers (see outdoor use above)

REPAIR All Leaks
Either repair or shut off the water to all leaking fixtures or running toilets

BOIL All Water Intended for Consumption
This includes ice, drinks for pets, brushing of teeth, cooking, food preperation

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