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09/18/99 09:35:47 PM
Hurricane Floyd Has Knocked Out The Main Water Treatment Plant For The Area; We Face Prolonged Problems Before Repairs Can Be Implemented; Do Not Drink The Water Without Boiling For At Least Three Minutes; Conserve Use Of Water In All Respects; Current Supplies And Pressures Are Precariously Low - Public Will Be Notified Soon From Elizabethtown Water Company Soon Of All Procedures To Take and Other Impacts.

From: EWC (Elizabethtown Water Company, Westfield)

To: Horace Corbin, The Westfield Leader Newspaper: 9/21/99 Time: 7:30 AM


   WESTFIELD - September 21, 1999 Elizabethtown today announced that during the night its primary treatment plant began pumping a limited quantity of potable water into the distribution system on a test basis. While the company can now supply its customers with some water, it is still stressing to its business alla residential customers to continue to conserve water. The boil water order remains in effect

   "lt is critical that all customers continue to conserve water so that we will have enough pressure in our mains to fight fires," said Andrew Chapman, president. "Even though pressure and supply have improved, we could find ourselves losing several days of progress if people return to their normal use patterns," said Chapman

   During last three days, multiple repair crews have been fixing the electrical system, testing equipment and cycling water through the plant to clean out debris and sediment The plant is operating at only 10 percent of capacity and reliability remains a concern because of the extensive damage to the equipment

   Elizabethtown plans to bring the plant slowly back online over the next several days. The Company will be producing water in very limited amount; and will increase production as more units are restored. "We need to be careful as we add pressure to our pipes," says Chapman "If we increase the pressure too rapidly, we will see main breaks that will cause us more problems."

   The Company recommends boiling water before drinking and cooking. Imumuno- compromised persons, such as persons undergoing chemotheraph persons who have undergone organ transplants, persons with HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorders, should exercise additional caution with their drinking water.

   Elizabethtown Water Company serves 213,000 business and residential customers in 54 municipalities in Hunterton Mercer, Middlesex, Morris. Somerset and Union counties.

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