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Laws, Constitutions, Codes, Charters (Fed, State and Local)


Westfield Street Map Searchable
Westfield Voting Districts Map 2007
Westfield Road Improvements Map 2007
Open Public Meetings Act
Open Public Records Act
09apr20 Mountainside Schools 5-year Budget History
2009 Westfield Schools Redistricting Debate
2008 Review of School Superintendent Contracts
2008 Garwood Tree Publication
2007 November 6 Election Results
2007 NJ Legislature Voting Records
07-08-30 State Extraordinary Aid Figures
07-05-01 FAA Proposed NY/NJ Airports Flight Path Changes
07-05-01 Westfield Historic Preservation Ordinance with draft changes
07-04-19-FMBA-Letter to Westfield on Manning Levels
2007 New Jersey School Board Candidate Kit
  www.unioncountywatchdog.org - 2006 Union County Budget
06dec20 Union County, NJ Audit Report 2006
06nov06 Fanwood Business Fee
06nov02 2006 Westfield FMBA Contract
06oct19 Scotch Plains Police Department Lawsuit Documents
Spreadsheet: Name, Salary, Dept.  2006, March Union County NJ Salaries
Spreadsheet What If Calcs 2006, January Union County NJ Salaries
OPRA Form for Union County New Jersey 2006
Spreadsheet 2006-07 NJ State Aid to School Districts
2005 Budgets: Union County, Westfield Schools & Town  
Salaries of Union County New Jersey Employees 2005  
Westfield Parking Brochure - February 2006
2006 Union County History Tour October 21 Booklet
Westfield Parking Detail - Motor Vehicles & Traffic - Town Code Chapter 13
Westfield Organizations 1999
Westfield Debt 2004 Westfield Bonding Analysis 2004 
Westfield Parking Development Financials 04sep16  04sep16
Gov. Signs Domestic Partnership Act Cartoon 04jan15


2004 Downtown Westfield Corp. Proposed Budget & Article


Westfield Development School Impact


Westfield Development Financials


WF Redevel. - Request For Qual. - Request For Proposal


Westfield Redevelopment - Southside Plan 1; Plan 2
Westfield Redevelopment - Northside Plan 1; Plan 2


2003 Westfield Bd. of Education Survey Data


WF Council Candidates Forum Questions & Answers


2003 Gettysburg Battle Reenact SlideShow Story  03aug28
Mock Weapons of Mass Destruction Drill 03sep06 photos  03sep11
  Les Marmitons  03sep16
The History of Golfer John Shippen - 03jun06  03jun12
Police & Firemen Contracts  02jul18
Westfield MasterPlan2002  02jun27
High School Compass Newspaper Project  June 2002
Westfield Athletic Hall of Fame  November 2002
September 11 Photographs  01sep13
John List Murderer, 30 years ago  01may05
Memoirs of World War II, WHS Class of 1939  00aug24
Westfield High School "Fed Challenge" Competition  00mar22
NJDOT Concept Rte 28 Traffic Circle Improvement, WF  00mar19
The Westfield Parking Deck Proposal Draft - 00feb27  00mar02
1999 Region Board of Ed. Election Results - 99apr20  99apr22
WCTV, Charter Recommendation for WF Public Cable TV  99jul16
The Battleship New Jersey  99jul17
Tropical Storm Floyd And The Water Crises  99sep14
Web Cam Floyd Hurricane Link With Florida  99sep14
Location Map of Westfield Schools and Districts  97oct25
Find The Excellent Diner Contest  97jan15

Regional Government Election Results

2006 Nov. Region Election Results

2005 Nov. Region Election Results
2004 Nov. Region Election Results
2003 Nov. Region Election Results Summary
2002 Nov. Region Election Results
2001 Nov. Region Election Results
2000 Nov. Region Election Results
1999 Nov. Region Election Results
1998 Nov. Region Election Results
1997 Nov. Region Election Results


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