A Guide to Headline Standards

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 For all press releases and by line stories:

If 200 + words: 24 head, slide rule out to 4 inches


 Department of Agriculture

Hires Westfield’s Williams


If less than 200 words: 14 head, slide rule out to 2 inches 

Pilot Flies Final

Mission to Burma

Note- there are no 3 column articles/ photos on any inside pages


For the front page of the newspaper, sports and back page of arts:

If Lead story- 3 column, 30 Head, slide rule to 6 ¼ inches (the gray)



For all Letters to the Editor

If letter is 200 + words- Headline is Times 18 (not 24), slide ruler to 4 inches 


FW's Pollack Calls for Bush

Censure, Cites Bill of Rights

The body of a letter should be 9 on 9 column (not body text)

If letter is 200 words or less, headline is Times 14, slide ruler to 2 inches, like a press release of same length.

  Newingham Fights New

Statutory Tattoo Policy


For the Main Editorials:

3 Column, Times 30 head, slide rule to 6 ¼ (gray)


  For the Dateline:

Always use dateline (to show where local relevance is)

WESTFIELD – Mayor Andy Skibitsky …

Front Page Byline Article Format:

Times 30 Head Times 30 Head Times 30 Head

DATELINE — Body text Body text Body text Body text Body text Body text .


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