2006 Summer Intern Outside Projects

Team 1: Ad Project

(Chrissy Hamway team leader, Melissa Loewinger, Katie Taylor)

Team 1 will work with Fred and Mike B.  to learn about sales, marketing and graphics. They will learn about marketing and advertisements with Fred, and will learn how to create ads and how to place them on the page with Mike B. This final project will include Team 1 creating at least two ads with the help of Fred and Mike. In addition, they will learn about the process of confirming classified ads with Rob and be responsible for taking classified ad requests when in the office. 

Team 2: Westfield Photo Project

(Katie Newingham team leader, Sarah Queller and James Diddell) 

Team 2 will be photographing aspects of downtown Westfield for This Is Westfield 2007. Don will assist Team 2 by showing previous This is Westfield layouts. Mike P. will also be on hand to assist Team 2. They will need to complete the town photo tour of Westfield, and then place the photos on the actual pages. A written component will also be required for this project, which is to be determined once the photography component is completed.

Team 3: Emergency Management and Video Interview Project

(Rachel Leopold team leader, Bryan Krichilsky, Daniella Regencia)

Team 3 will research the emergency procedures for the area (Westfield, Scotch Plains-Fanwood, Garwood, Mountainside and the rest of Union County) by speaking with the county and the Regional Health Department, among others. The final project will include a collection of taped interviews (15-30 minutes in length) to be broadcasted on the Leader website. A series of articles and photographs on the subject will coincide with the online video. Horace will assist this group with video production, and Cassie will be available if any other help is necessary.  

Team 4: Internet Publishing Project

(Carolyn DiProspero team leader, Bridget Cornwell, Kelsi Browning) 

Team 4 will be working with web design. They will be creating a web page for the upcoming election with biographies of the politicians. Team 4 will also learn the basics of web design and assist Vicki with the goleader website. Mike B. is also available for help when necessary. The final project includes interns independently updating the goleader website on press day. Other responsibilities of Team 4 include learning about photo publishing on the website, will be updating procedures for photo publishing and will work to consolidate local town websites.

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