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Classifieds:  Classified Ads run in both newspapers which are published each Thursday by U.S. mail to paid subscribers and distributed at local newsstands and boxes.  They run in one inch increments with about 20-25 words per inch. 

Submittal Deadline:  Classifieds must be submitted by Tuesday, 12:00pm, preceding the Thursday publishing date.  

Cost:  The is a cost of $20.00 per inch (8 lines) for each time running, one inch minimum; measurements are to one-half inch increments.  Payment is in advance by credit card, cash or check.   Please fill in the form above and send it.  Alternately, email the information to  Provide your name, email, telephone number and text for your Classified Ad.  Then call (908) 232-4407 for price and to provide credit card information.



(Visa, Master Card, Am. Express): 


 Alternately, you may pay with check by mail or in person.

For more information or questions,
 please contact
 or call (908) 232-4407.

Number of times to run: