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"Extraordinary people with eloquent ways"...This has defined Westfield for centuries, as reflected by the community’s love for music and the arts. Their efforts and accomplishments provide rich material for us to capture in this, our 27th annual edition of This Is Westfield. We hope you like this snapshot, The Potpourri.

Westfield serves as a base for many regional cultural activities. Residents of Cranford are active in the Westfield Historical Society. Mountainside residents serve on the Board of Directors of the Westfield Symphony Orchestra. WYACT (Westfield Young Artists’ Cooperative Theatre) serves talent from 11 counties in northern and central New Jersey. We’re bonded in common human endeavor, not separated by name.

For centuries, our people have flourished by upholding a high plane in their pursuits. It’s evident in their expression in music and the arts. Though today’s "Yahoo" world is filled with technological wizardry, it can only be given meaning by inspiration found from the arts. As our computers roll to triple zeroes in a few months, technology hopes not to stumble. But, our violins will still sing, and the canvas will still glisten.

And for us, we include journalism in the beauty of this high plane, because that’s what we do. And asThe Westfield Leader, we’ll be reaching to touch our third century when those computers roll over. Fortunately, it’s not in atrophy that we find ourselves after this expanse of time, but with renewed strength and inspiration. It’s with this conviction and promise that we’ll draw from the community, and support the region, with journalism of meaning stemmed from the arts.

Certainly, the tools of technology will be applied to the mix. Please visit us on the Internet along with thousands of others from around the world ( Send us your email at

We can only thank you and encourage you to continue your ways.


Horace Corbin, Publisher

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