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Newspapers – Tie in bundles no higher than 10 inches or place in paper bags. No plastic bags.

Magazines, Catalogs, Junk Mail, Phone Books, Paperback Books, Mixed Paper – Tie in bundles or place in paper bags.

Corrugated Cardboard – Flattened and tied.

Household Dry Cell Batteries – Place in clear plastic bags.

Co- mingled Food and Beverage Containers – Glass, aluminum, tin and steel food and beverage containers and pourable plastic bottles may be mixed together and should be placed in a rigid reusable container such as a crate, bucket, or garbage can. Full container should not weigh more than 50 pounds or be greater than 20 gallons in size. No plastic bags.

Contaminated, improperly prepared or unacceptable materials will not be collected. Rinse food and beverage containers.

Dispose of lids and caps. There is no need to remove labels. Flatten plastic containers to save space.

No Plastic Bags: Except for batteries, plastic bags are not acceptable containers for recyclables.

Have items ready for pick up at the curb by 7 a. m. on your designated recycling day. In the event that your materials were placed at the curb on time but were not collected, call; Recycling Hoteline: 1- 888- 738- 7348. This toll- free number is available 24 hours a day.

Questions about the recycling program? (908) 322- 6700 Ext. Nos. 243 or 244.

After working hours, an answering machine offers a listing of the current month’s recycling days or you can leave a message: (908) 233- 8745.

1999 Recycling Schedule

Recycling Hotline: 1- 888- 738- 7348

NORTHSIDE – SECTION 1 & 2 SOUTHSIDE – SECTION 3 & 4 TUESDAY WEDNESDAY Nov. 2, 16, 30 March 7, 21 Nov. 3, 17 March 8, 22 Dec. 14, 28 April 4, 18 Dec. 1, 15, 29 April 5, 19 Jan. 11, 25 May 2, 16, 30 Jan. 12, 26 May 3, 17, 31 Feb. 8, 22 June 13, 27 Feb. 9, 23 June 14, 28 Fanwood Recycling Center Helps

Groups Earn Money for Activities

For more than a decade, the Fanwood- Scotch Plains Recycling Association has not only helped save taxpayer dollars but returned money to local groups through a Saturday work program at the Recycling Center it operates on North Avenue in Fanwood.

The center was created in 1987, before recycling became a state law, through a $2,500 state grant received by the Borough Council. Of Union County’s 21 communities, Fanwood is the only one to have a drop- off site for recyclable materials, according to Site Manager Alan Ebersole.

Curbside pickup of recyclable materials would cost the borough between $56,000 and $60,000 annually in taxpayer dollars — the equivalent of two- and- a- half to three tax points, it was reported in the September 1999 edition of The Fanwoodian, a quarterly community newsletter.

The Recycling Association’s 22 members include religious, civic and school groups and other local organizations. Member organizations work at the center on rotating Saturdays, earning $225 for four hours of work.

Participants empty citizens’ cars of recyclables and put them in the appropriate bins. The center is open to residents of all towns, and revenue is generated by the sale of materials to vendors and companies which then recycle the products.

Glass, plastic, aluminum, newspapers and textiles are among the materials accepted at the Recycling Center. The facility also takes batteries, which are then sent to a company in New York for disposal. Mr. Ebersole said it is important, for environmental reasons, that batteries be kept out of landfills and incinerators.

Since the center opened, member organizations have collectively received about $135,000 for work done at the Recycling Center, according to The Fanwoodian. In

The Fanwood Recycling Center is located on North Avenue and is operated by the FanwoodScotch Plains Recycling Association- a nonprofit organization made up of 20 local civic oriented groups and individuals working to help preserve our environment and reduce solid waste disposal problems.

The following items are acceptable:

NEWSPAPER – Tie with string or twine in bundles not over 10 inches high. Place bundles in the large newspaper container.

MIXED PAPER – Office paper, computer paper, junk mail, decorative wrapping paper, telephone books, magazines, miscellaneous other types should all be placed in the Mixed Paper container. Paper bags should be placed in the “cages used for corrugated and cardboard.”

CARDBOARD – Cardboard such as that used for cereal boxes (without liner), shoe boxes or typical department store boxes are acceptable. These can be brought in paper bags and be placed in the “cages” on either side of the newspaper containers.

CORRUGATED – Should be placed in the “cages” on either side of the newspaper containers.

BOOKS – Books, hard or soft cover should be brought separated from other paper. Covers should remain on the books. All books are placed in the special book containers. Magazines, catalogs, etc. are considered mixed paper.

GLASS – Glass bottles and jars are acceptable. Bottles should be rinsed and separated by colors, Clear, Green, and Brown or Amber. All caps and rings should be removed as well as plastic or lead or metal sleeves. ONLY bottles and jars are accepted.

NOT ACCEPTABLE – Ceramic beer and wine containers, ceramic cups and plates, clay flower pots, crystal, light bulbs, mirror or window glass, heat resistant ovenware, vases or drinking glasses

ALUMINUM – Most beverage cans are aluminum. Some small pet food cans are aluminum. The Center also accepts clean frozen food trays, pie tins and aluminum foil. Other heavier aluminum products such as gutters and downspouts and windows or doors (without glass) are accepted and should be placed next to the office shed.

METALS Tin cans (bi- metal) should be thoroughly rinsed. Wire coat hangars are accepted. These should be placed in the marked bins. Other small metal objects are accepted and should be placed near the fence behind the newspaper container.

PLASTICS – Only pourable bottles and jars with the recyclable logo and numbers 1, 2 or 3 are accepted. Caps should be removed. PLASTIC BAGS OR PLASTIC BOXES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

OIL – Waste motor oil should be poured into the tank at the site. DO NOT leave the oil containers. ONLY motor oil is acceptable.

CLOTHING AND TEXTILES – Clothing and other textiles including blankets and draperies are accepted if placed in bags. Shoes are accepted if tied together as mates. Pillows are NOT accepted.

BATTERIES – Household batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volt lantern and button cell batteries are accepted and should be placed in the container next to the corrugated “cage’. Vehicle batteries should be placed with the miscellaneous metals by the fence behind the newspaper container.

CENTER HOURS OF OPERATION Every Saturday and Wednesday from 9 a. m. to 1 p. m.

(Wednesday is do- it- yourself day)

Do not leave materials unless the Center is open. Violators are subject to fines. Collect and transport your recyclables in re- usable containers. Containers to be taken away by residents.

Non- residents are invited to bring their recyclables to the Center. The Center does not accept hazardous waste. For additional information see the Site Manager. Some bulky items and waste material such as furniture or appliances, rugs, tires, etc. are accepted at the transfer station, Lower Road, Linden. For information call 351- 8770

The President of the Recycling Association is Bob Sommerich. (908) 889- 1891 or you can reach the Fanwood Director of Public Works, Raymond Manfra at (908) 322- 7404.

FANWOOD RECYCLING INFORMATION addition, the Association has made donations totaling $16,000 for the benefit of the

community. Donations made by the Association have gone toward the purchase of benches for the downtown and local parks, equipment for Fanwood’s Channel 35 and the Public Works Department, paving and beautification of the Recycling Center, stretcher boards for the rescue squad and a band for the borough’s Centennial Parade.

Additional information about the Recycling Center may be obtained by calling Bob Sommerich at (908) 889- 1891 or Mr. Ebersole at (908) 889- 8347.

HELPING THE COMMUNITY… The Fanwood Recycling Center, operated by the Fanwood- Scotch Plains Recycling Association, offers local organizations an opportunity to earn money through a Saturday work program, and has also made numerous donations to benefit the community. Area residents may drop off recyclable materials at the North Avenue Center on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 a. m. to 1 p. m.
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