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Hetfield Bridge to Be Closed for One Month; Refurbishing Bids Expected By September By FRED ROSSI

Specially Written for The Times

The Hetfield Avenue bridge between North and South Avenue will likely be closed to traffic for about one month when it is refurbished in late summer or early fall.

The project, which will involve Scotch Plains, Fanwood and NJ Transit, will include pavement repair and roadway resurfacing, curb and some guardrail replacement as well as repairs to the bridge’s structure, according to Dennis Harrington, Principal Engineer with Scotch Plains, who will be serving, in effect, as project manager for the refurbishing.

Scotch Plains, Fanwood and NJ Transit each received funding grants of $55,000 from the New Jersey Department of Transportation for the project, according to Scotch Plains Township Manager Thomas E. Atkins.

Union County also provided assistance in examining the integrity of the bridge to make certain the

Fanwood Council Debuts Ordinance Favoring Pensions


Specially Written for The Times

An ordinance supporting a Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) for Fanwood’s volunteer firefighters and Rescue Squad personnel was unveiled at a brief special meeting of the borough’s governing body on July 21.

Inaugurated via a law signed by Governor Christine Todd Whitman in 1998, LOSAPs enable a municipality or other jurisdiction to provide tax-deferred pension benefits for active members of emergency service units.

In addition to a governing body decree, however, LOSAPs must gain voter approval through a binding referendum, since such programs have a tax impact for communities in which they are implemented.

In accordance with the state statute, annual contributions of $100 to $1,150 may be made for each eligible volunteer.

The Fanwood ordinance calls for yearly contributions of $500 per qualified volunteer, for an anticipated total cost of $14,000. Approximately 28 volunteers are expected to qualify for the local LOSAP during its inaugural year.

Participants may not collect their LOSAP benefits until age 65, but become vested after five years, meaning their pensions remain intact even if they leave their emergency service organization.

Officials expect to adopt the borough’s LOSAP ordinance on second reading following a public hearing at the council’s next regular meeting on Thursday, August 12.

The council must have the ordinance in place by Friday, August 20, in order for the pension program to be posed as a ballot question in the Tuesday, November 2, General Election.

At two recent council meetings,

Suzette Stalker for The Times

CONTRIBUTORS TO THE ARTS…Participants in the Carriage House Poetry Reading Series are honored with certificates at a recent meeting of Fanwood’s governing body. Pictured, left to right, are: front row, Tom Plante, accompanied by his daughter, Kerry, and back row, Mayor Maryanne S. Connelly, who received a special certificate for her advocacy of arts programming in the community; Gina and John Larkin of Edison, Series Director Adele Kenny, Ivan Berger of Fanwood and Lisa Bruckman, also of Fanwood, holding her son, Chris. Fanwood Businesses Invited to Open House

On Proposed Business & Professional Group By SUZETTE F. STALKER

Specially Written for The Times

Members of the Fanwood’s business and professional community are invited to attend either of two open house programs scheduled for next Wednesday, August 4, to discuss the proposed inauguration of a group which will likely be known as the Fanwood Business and Professional Association.

The morning meeting will take place from 7 to 9 a.m. at A Tasteful Touch Gourmet Deli, 42 South Martine Avenue, Fanwood. The evening session will occur in the downstairs meeting room at United National Bank,, 45 South Martine Avenue, Fanwood, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Plans for the dual forums, sponsored by the Fanwood Downtown Revitalization Committee (FDRC), were still being finalized last week. Invitations were to be sent to all business and professional people in Fanwood, including information on times and locations. Interested individuals may also call FDRC Chairman James Lamca at (908) 889-2307 for information.

Like the Scotch Plains Business and Professional Association, which was launched in 1994, the mission of the planned Fanwood group would be to strengthen the business community through a cooperative effort among its members, said Councilman Louis C. Jung, the governing

body Liaison to the FDRC. According to Mr. Jung, the benefits of having a local business and professional association would be two-fold. Such an organization, the committee believes, would not only generate more customer activity through cooperative sales and other events, but also attract new businesses to the downtown, he said.

The council Liaison predicted it would be a “big plus” for the borough to have outside businesses scouting for a location in Fanwood to see an active group of merchants and professionals in place.

Candy Santo, a spokeswoman for the FDRC, said participants at the open house programs would receive information concerning the benefits of joining the proposed association.

She noted that the FDRC is also seeking input from business owners and professionals on the best ways to spend $400,000 in state and county grant money recently awarded to the borough, which has been earmarked for downtown improvements.

Ms. Santo added that if any business community member did not receive an invitation to the programs, they should contact the committee.

Councilman Jung said the FDRC hopes the sessions next week will eventually lead to the formation of a

“core group” of eight to 10 people to help attract others to the planned association, with assistance from members of the committee.

Other developments concerning the downtown include plans for drainage improvements in the rear parking area of stores on Martine Avenue, to be followed by creation of a centralized dumpster area there and landscaping enhancements.

Councilman Jung said officials hope to have the drainage work completed in time for the borough’s fourth annual Fanny Wood Day celebration on Sunday, September 26, with subsequent improvements eyed for later in the fall and next spring.

Fanny Wood Day, held in the hub of the business district along South

and Martine Avenues, has drawn large crowds each year since its 1996 inception.

In addition to sidewalk sales, family activities and food, this year’s event is expected to include the debut of the borough’s Millennium Clock and its new Internet site, along with a second Volunteer Fair.

The goal of the fair is to promote the array of volunteer opportunities in Fanwood, ranging from emergency services to local boards and commissions, and to stimulate interest among residents in volunteering.

The first fair, which took place at the Community House after the borough’s April 24 Clean Communities Day activities, netted 20 new volunteers.


County Grand Jury Hands Down Indictment In Fatal Shooting That Occurred at Club Malibu


Specially Written for The Times

A Union County grand jury has indicted a Somerset man in connection with the fatal shooting that occurred at Club Malibu on Terrill Road just after Thanksgiving last year.

Kirwan Brown, 20, of Somerset, was charged with first degree murder and aggravated assault by a grand

jury that convened on July 21. He was also charged with the possession of a handgun and possession of a gun for an unlawful purpose, said Robert P O’Leary, Executive Assistant Prosecutor.

The first degree murder charge carries a life sentence.

In the incident, which occurred November 27, 1998, at Club Malibu, Brown allegedly fatally shot Trishawn Moody, 19, of New Brunswick after the two fought over a woman they had both been dating at the time.

Investigators at the time said they believe the shooting stemmed from

an incident last September during which Brown was reportedly stabbed by Moody.

The shooting victim was among more than 50 people waiting that evening to be admitted to the club, which had reached its capacity, authorities said at the time. Officials alleged a chance encounter between the suspect and Moody outside the establishment led to a confrontation that culminated in gunfire.

At about the same time as Moody was found in the parking lot, another

19-year-old male, Taquane Hoagland, also from the New Brunswick area, was spotted by a Plainfield police unit running along Terrill Road with a gunshot wound to the upper body. Mr. Hoagland has since recovered.

Brown is faced with the aggravated assault charge in connection with Mr. Hoagland’s shooting.

Brown is in the Union County Jail, where he has been held since the November incident occurred. If the case goes to a trial, it probably will not begin until the fall, officials said.


Walk Passes Through Local Towns Enroute To Arlington Cemetery By MELISSA A. BETKOWSKI

Specially Written for The Times

Accompanied by the sounds of “War,” “Aquarius” and other antiwar anthems, representatives from the Peace Abbey and Life Experience School of Sherborn, MA., passed through the communities of Westfield, Scotch Plains and Fanwood on July 20 as part of Stonewalk.

Stonewalk is a grassroots effort by volunteers from national peace-promoting organizations to move, by foot, a one-ton memorial stone dedicated to “Unknown Civilians Killed in Wars” from Sherborn to Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA.

Stonewalk began on July 4 and is scheduled to arrive in Arlington on Friday, August 6, the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.

The walkers received quite a reaction upon reaching the area,

Stonewalk volunteer Earl Standberry said. Mr. Standberry, a Marine veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm, said that roughly a half-dozen people joined in with the

Stonewalkers in their efforts to move the stone.

According to Westfield Police Department Deputy Chief John

Fanwood Couples Fondly Recall Births of Daughters in Ambulance


Specially Written for The Times

Many people believe that each newborn baby is a miracle in itself. But for two Fanwood families the miracle of their babies’ birth seemed just a bit more momentous.

In 1998 Haley Knudson and Lisa Kline were very eager to get an early start in the world – so eager, they didn’t even allow their parents time to reach the hospital, choosing a Fanwood Rescue Squad ambulance as their delivery room.

For Joyce and Neil Knudson, July 6 of last year began quite early with a call to 911 around 4:30 a.m. after Mrs. Knudson’s contractions jumped from eight minutes to two minutes apart. A speedy arrival of the Fanwood Police and Rescue Squad got mom and dad into the ambulance and three blocks away from the house before a persistent baby decided she had had enough.

“The Rescue Squad was only able to drive about a hundred yards away from the house before it had to pull over,” remembers Mrs. Knudson.

The ambulance pulled over, traffic was stopped, and, with Mr. Knudson looking on from the front seat, baby Haley was delivered on site by the

team of Ed Sargent, Sue Davis, Bill Muirhead and Al Rossi.

Squad members focused on dealing with the clinical aspects of the situation, trying not to get too wrapped up in all the emotions.

Mr. Sargent admitted he wasn’t on the real “working end” of the deliv

911 call. “I actually had to crawl to the phone and then all I could say was, ‘I’m having a baby !’”

It was about 11 a.m. when squad members Bob Cruthers, Steve Siegel, Ruth Wegnamm and Bill Crosby arrived. Mr. Kline returned home just in time to see his wife being loaded into the ambulance, but there wasn’t even time for the rig to pull away from the Kline home.

With two pushes, Lisa Kline was born in the parked ambulance, out in front of her own house.

“It was just amazing,” said Councilman Kline of his daughter’s birth.

Even after considering a more traditional hospital setting, Mrs. Knudson admitted she “wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

Amongst all the families’ excitement there was still lots of room to give credit to the Fanwood squad. Both sets of parents stressed how thrilled the squad was for the baby girls and how supportive they have remained over the year. ery, but couldn’t describe it as any

thing else, but a “great experience.” Prior to Haley, the Fanwood Squad had gone almost two decades without delivering a baby, but their delivery days weren’t over yet.

Two months after the Knudson baby, on September 15, 1998, a desperate call brought the Squad to the home of Councilman Stewart Kline and his wife, Susan.

Strong contractions had caught Mrs. Kline home alone and forced her to crawl to the phone to place the

Even after considering a more traditional

hospital setting, Mrs. Knudson admitted she “wouldn’t have done

it any other way.”

William A. Burke for The Times

HETFIELD SLATED FOR REPAIRS...The Hetfield Avenue Bridge, linking North and South Avenues, will be closed to traffic later this summer or in early fall for about a month for refurbishing. The bridge lies in Scotch Plains near the Fanwood border.

He estimated the project’s total cost at $150,000 to $200,000.

The bridge, which lies on the Scotch Plains-Fanwood border, has been patched a number of times in recent years by the Public Works Departments in both towns. NJ Transit, whose Raritan Valley line runs underneath the bridge, will bear about half the cost of the project, with Scotch Plains and Fanwood splitting the other half, according to Mr. Harrington.

Noting what he termed “the long clamoring” by the public for a bridge whose surface is less hazardous to automobiles and bicycles, Mr. Harrington attributed the delays in getting the project underway to coordinating the appropriate agencies, reviewing the necessary documents, and putting together the plans and specifications.

In addition, Elizabethtown Gas had to be involved, since a gas main crossing over the bridge will have to be moved. structure itself was sound before pro

ceeding with the repairs. Mr. Harrington expects an invita

tion for bids to be advertised this week, with the Township Council awarding the bid in early September.

William A. Burke for The Times

DEDICATED TO CIVILIANS...Stonewalk marchers push a one-ton memorial stone, dedicated to unknown civilians killed in war, up South Avenue in Scotch Plains enroute to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. The grassroots effort, featuring volunteers from national peace-promoting organizations, began in Sherborn, MA.

Page 10 Thursday, July 29, 1999 The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains – Fanwood A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION




· Police received a report of someone exploding a firework by taping it to a rear door. Minor damage was caused.

· Narcotics were stolen from an unlocked refrigerator at a doctor’s office on Westfield Avenue, according to police.


· A residence on Country Club Lane was entered through an unlocked door. Change was reportedly taken.


· A Plainfield Avenue business reported the theft of electric tools and several house shutters from a van parked on the property. The door to the van was not locked, according to police.


· Witnesses reported seeing a white male attempting to ignite a brush fire at the Fanwood Avenue Public Works site.


· Burglary was attempted to an Algonquin Drive residence by forcing window screens. Entry to the home was not gained, according to police.

· The theft of several CD’s from an unlocked vehicle parked on High View Court was received by police.


· A resident of the 1500 block of East Second Street reported writings scratched into the rear door of the residence.

· Burglary to a Golf Street residence was reported to police. Entry was gained by forcing a ground floor window. An undetermined amount of cash appeared to be missing at the time.

· Burglary to a Parkview Drive residence was reported. A television was reported stolen from the premises. Police reported that entry did not appear to be forced. members of the Fanwood Volunteer

Rescue Squad appealed to the council to support a LOSAP for Fanwood, which they believe will reward current volunteers and also serve as an incentive for new people to join the borough’s emergency service ranks.

Council President and Administration and Finance Committee Chairman William E. Populus, Jr. confirmed that, if approved by voters in November, the LOSAP will debut in Fanwood on January 1, 2000. Contributions for volunteers will be incorporated into the governing body’s annual budget.

During the first year of the program, LOSAP benefits will be offered exclusively to current members of the fire department and res

cue squad, Mr. Populus said, although pensions for retroactive service are expected to follow in the future.

Officials are also exploring the prospect of including two special police volunteers in the program, the Council President stated.

Eligibility for LOSAP benefits will be determined through a point system, with volunteers required to earn a minimum of 50 points each year.

Points will be awarded for participation in training courses, response to calls, meeting attendance and holding elected or appointed positions within a unit. They will also be given for such activities as drills, mobilization, and serving on standby and night crews.

Fanwood Council Debuts Ordinance Favoring Pensions

Meanwhile, Club Malibu currently is not open for business, Scotch Plains Police Captain Joseph M. Protasiewicz said. The club’s telephone number has been disconnected and there is no new listing for the club.

The Scotch Plains Township Clerk’s office said, however, that the owner of the club has re-applied for a liquor license, but it has not come before the Township’s Council yet for approval.

The club, which was open Thursdays through Saturdays, has been

operated under various names at the same location for more than 40 years by the Ricciutti family.

Police have periodically been called to the club in the past several years, mostly in response to fights that have erupted in the parking lot, but police said last fall when the shooting occurred that club owner Frank Ricciutti had been cooperative in trying to work out potential hazards at the club.

Mr. Ricciutti could not be reached for comment.

Indictment Handed Down In Shooting at Club Malibu


Wheatley, the police department had been notified that the Stonewalkers would be arriving around 11 a.m., but in fact, they did not reach the area until around 3:30 p.m. He said that the procession received a front and back police escort and everything went smoothly.

Mr. Standberry said that overall, Stonewalk has been a great experience. It has helped people to see the message that “civilians and servicemen died together, let them be re

membered together.” John Metzler, Superintendent of Arlington National Cemetery, said he has received no official request on behalf of Stonewalk to have the stone displayed at the cemetery. Again, he noted that it will not be permitted to remain in the cemetery without an act of Congress.

Before reaching New Jersey, the Stonewalkers held vigil at the United Nations on Sunday before crossing the Lincoln Tunnel on July 19 at 3 a.m.

Stonewalk Passes Through Towns Enroute to Arlington FANWOOD VOLUNTEER

RESCUE SQUAD BLOTTER Statistics for June 1999

Most Common Emergencies In-Town Emergency Calls: 46

Out-of Town Mutual Aid Calls: 9 Total Calls: 55 Trips Made to Area Hospitals: 34 Advanced Life Support Called 12 Total Volunteer Hours: 137

Sudden Illness Injuries

Chest Pain/Difficulty Breathing Pediatric Unresponsive

Of Special Note:

The officers during the month assembled the proposed implementation for the Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) – a deferred pension program for rescue squad and fire department volunteers. The Fanwood Council must pass a proposed LOSAP ordinance by the August 1999 Council meeting in order to get the LOSAP program on the referendum for the residences to vote on in November 1999. Based on the residents approving the program, it would start January 1, 2000.

During the month the Squad participated in PBA Torch Run (3 hrs) and did a stand-by at the Scotch Plains – Fanwood High School Graduation on June 25th (9 hrs), for a total of 12 hours of community service.

Recent Home Sales FANWOOD

Barbara A. White Stevens to Gerald J. Blundo and Patricia Blundo, 10 Laurel Place, $194,000.

Daniel Amorelli to Frank A. Tarentino, III and Shannon Grady Tarentino, 440 South Avenue, $183,000.

William J. Krasny to John M. Deitch and Wendi L. Deitch, 3 Winfield Place, $202,000.

Robert Levy to Bruce S. Peer, 89 Glenwood Road, $190,000.

Michael Califano to Miles Yakre and Judy Yakre, 19 Byron Lane, $372,000.


Balbir Trikha to Jagdish C. Patel and Hemanjini J. Patel, 1584 Front Street, $140,000.

Patricia Ann Zyla to Noreen A. Joyce, 2397 Westfield Avenue, $185,000.

Licino Pereira to Ronald Petty, 526 Beverly Avenue, $147,900.

Estate of Walter R. Waters to Robert Levy and Cynthia Levy, 891 Ascot Road, $253,500.

Rosa Maria Fernandez to Misael Fernandez and Luz Fernandez, 1270 Terrill Road, $200,000.

Peter H. Chang to Steven Guastamacchia and Cahterine Guastamacchia, 1954 Winding Brook Way, $350,000.

Mauricio F. Cevallos to Patrick R. Clancy and Carol P. Clancy, 17 Heritage Lane, $575,000.

James J. Walsh to Bruce W. Thorne and Simonetta G. Thorne, 2247 Edgewood Terrace, $395,000.

Donald Chan to John M. Ley and Jacqueline A. Ley, 335 Cedar Grove Terrace, $156,000.

Marilyn R. Haight to Charnelle Y. Quick, 11 Malanga Court, $134,900.

Anand P. Vazirani to Bhargove M. Desai and Mamta B. Desai, 210 Willow Avenue, $150,000.

Stephen R. Swetits to Lisa O’Hara, 2 Greensview Court, $375,000.

John Palombo to Constant Baldasarre and Barbara Baldasarre, 1376 Raritan Road, $380,000.

Paulette L. Frisbie Trust to Daniel J. Robinson and Lisa H. Robinson, 5 Little Falls Way, $419,000.

Anjiuaree Basu to Raymond A. Cappiccille, Jr. and Eolon A. Cappiccille, 2051 Nicholl Avenue, $224,000.

Roger Stolen to David B. Grantz and Eve H. Adelson, 21 Harwich Court, $198,000.

Estate of Daniel J. Mulcahy to Lisa E. Sanguiliano, 503 Jerusalem Road, $152,500.

More Transactions Listed on Page 18

Hot Air Balloon Pays Visit To Students at School One

SCOTCH PLAINS — During the last week of school, students at School One Elementary in Scotch Plains learned how a hot air balloon works.

Pilot Carroll Teitsworth, of the Liberty Balloon Company, brought a hot air balloon to the school and demonstrated to the students and staff how it worked.

During two different assemblies at the school, the 70-foot balloon was first inflated by fans inside the gymnasium so that the children could get inside of it.

Later, Mr. Teitsworth moved outdoors and actually inflated the balloon with the basket attached and took several staff members for a short ride.

This event was sponsored by the School One Parent Teacher

Association’s Cultural Arts Committee.

UP, UP AND AWAY!...During the last week of school, students at School One Elementary in Scotch Plains were treated to a special assembly during which they got to see how a hot air balloon works. Pilot Carroll Teitsworth, of the Liberty Balloon Company, even took a few staff members on a short ride in the balloon. Pictured, left to right, are: Kathy Shelus, Joseph Reo, Camille Berkowicz, Principal Jeffrey Grysko, Joann Clark, Pilot Carroll Teitsworth and Debbie Shapiro. The program was sponsored by the School One Parent Teacher Association’s Cultural Arts Committee. NEW INDUCTEE…Andy Calamaras, pictured at right, is inducted as the new

President of the Fanwood-Scotch Plains Rotary Club during a special meeting held recently at the Plainfield Country Club. Past Rotary District Governor John Wilczynski, left, inducted the President and new officers for 1999-2000, including Karin Dreixler, President-elect; Steve Prato, Secretary; Rose Phalan, Treasurer, and John Turnbull, Sergeant-at-Arms. Mr. Calamaras is the President of DiMarc Sales Associates, Inc. in Scotch Plains. The Rotary Club meets on Wednesdays at noon at the Park Place Restaurant in Scotch Plains. Local Students Participate

In Electronic Model Congress

SCOTCH PLAINS — The eighth grade Thinking Is Basic (TIB) students at Park Middle School in Scotch Plains recently participated in The Electronic Model Congress (TEMC) sponsored by the Education and Information Resource Center.

The congress is a classroom simulation in which students across the United States interact with one another using computers and the Internet to study the dynamics between politics and organizations that affect the legislative process.

During the four-month simulation, students were divided into five different groups. These groups included “legislators” who researched and wrote bills, “auditors” who insured fiscal responsibility; a “special interest group” which promoted students’ rights, “pollsters” who researched topics and conducted polls, and “media” which produced two newspapers, a television newscast, and a Web page.

Students in the 35 participating schools used e-mail to conduct deals, recruit cosponsors, and negotiate changes in proposed legislation and to enlist supporters for their special interest group.

Park Middle School students worked during lunchtime, after school, and into the evenings to convince other school districts that their bill should be on the simulation’s final agenda.

The participating Park students included Katie Madurski, Alicia Cristiani, Christopher Seemann, Michelle Marr, Jillian DeMair, Patrick Shevlin, Nicholas Sette, Diana Wilks, Adam Ortyl, Shawn Doyle, Brian Faitoute, Arthur Silber, Jason Hipp, Eric Pratt, Katie Downey, Dan Rosenkrantz, Lauren

Baines, Robbie Perocco, and Steven Dickey.

Their bill, “The Personal Rights of Students,” was one of eight final bills selected by TEMC to be acted on by the congress.

TIB teachers, Carol Smith and Patricia Noerr, stated, “Our reaching the final eight would not have been possible were it not for the commitment and enthusiasm of an exceptional group of students.”

LEARNING LEGISLATION…Park Middle School students participated as “legislators” during the TIB (Thinking Is Basic) program’s four-month computer and Internet simulation project, The Electronic Model Congress (TEMC). The students’ bill, “The Personal Rights of Students,” became one of eight final bills selected by TEMC to be acted on by the congress. Pictured, left to right, are: Chris Seemann, Michelle Marr, Alicia Cristiani and Katie Madurski.

Park Middle School Students Learn Gardening, Earn Grant

SCOTCH PLAINS — The Applied Academics Program at Park Middle School in Scotch Plains has received an award in recognition of the class’ educational goals in the area of science and the commitment of students to gaining handson experience through gardening.

The award is a “Kids Growing with Dutch Bulbs” Award from the Mailorder Gardening Association in association with the International Flower Bulb Center of Holland and the Dutch Bulb Exporters group.

The award supports and recognizes the work of the students under the direction of their teacher, Peggy Brown, who developed the program in consultation with Dr. Patricia Frawley in the district’s Office of Pupil Services.

As an award winner, the class will receive 252 premium Dutch bulbs, including tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, muscari blues and narcissus, which will be available for planting in the fall and will be used to beautify the grounds at the school.

Ms. Brown and her students, using tools, plants and seeds, have turned a small courtyard at the school into a

garden. Each student has tended a small, personal plot in the garden and all have also worked together to accomplish larger tasks such as setting stepping stones and mulching.

The students have learned about plants, the effects of sun and rain, plant fertilization and insects as well as about teamwork, design, the use of tools, the demands of caring for living things and the joys of environmental beautification.

In recognition of the students’ efforts, a “Great Garden Contest” was held at the school. Winners for “Best Condition” with their garden free of blemish were Tristan Tinnes and Jesus Gonzalez. “Best Quality” winners, with plants well-maintained, were Robert Bethea and Ana Marina Chavez.

The “Best Design” award went to Kim Barry and Michael Walker, and Patrice Candia and Sean Fuller received an award for “Most Uniform” for meeting most of the contest criteria. The “Best Overall” award was given to Kerry Gander and Linsey Theissen. Special awards for overall assistance with the garden were presented to April Gano and Sarah Trezolglou.

PLANTING THEIR GARDEN…The Applied Academics Program at Park Middle School in Scotch Plains has received a “Kids Growing with Dutch Bulbs” Award from the Mailorder Gardening Association in association with the International Flower Bulb Center of Holland and the Dutch Bulb Exporters group. Park Middle School students Patrice Candia, left, and Kerry Gander, tend their garden in a courtyard at the school.

SCOTCH PLAINS – Scotch Plains residents Archana V. Bodas and Aashish Patel received degrees from Boston University this spring.

Archana was awarded a Master’s Degree in Public Health, while Aashish received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology.

* * * * * SCOTCH PLAINS — Two area residents recently graduated from Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Jennifer Tommie Schwarzenbek, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Schwarzenbek of Westfield, was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Child Development.

Eric Jason Shea, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Shea of Scotch Plains, graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and high honors in Political Science.

University University University University University N NN NNews ews ews ews ews

McGinn Elementary Collects Boxtops

SCOTCH PLAINS — McGinn Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Association is preparing for another year of General Mills Boxtops for Education fundraising.

McGinn School has over 500 students who collect boxtops to help their school. A collection box has been placed in the children’s section of the Scotch Plains Public Library so that residents of the town can help.

General Mills donates 10 to 15 cents for each boxtop logo that the school collects. Last year the program was a great success, according to Barbara Timko, the Boxtops for Education Chairperson.

According to Ms. Timko, over $700.00, more than double the previous yearly total, was raised. In the past, the money was used to buy new recess equipment and overstuffed furniture for the school’s new ‘cozy reading corner.’ Future endeavors will probably include new picnic tables and shade trees for the school’s playground area.

Scotch Plains and Fanwood residents. families and friends are encouraged to help by collecting Boxtops for Education logos found on the top of participating General Mills cereals and on the top or side panels of General Mills snacks including Nature Valley Granola bars, Pop Secret, most Betty Crocker Fruit snacks and Yoplait yogurt six packs.

The Boxtops should be dropped in the collection bin located in the children’s section of the Scotch Plains Public Library or may be mailed to the school: McGinn Elementary School Attention: PTA – Boxtops, 1100 Roosevelt Avenue, Scotch Plains, 07076.

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