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Page 2 Thursday, January 7, 1999 The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains – Fanwood A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION



Storytime on Elm H


ALL BOOKS, TOYS, TRAINS, MUSIC, ETC... 30 % 50 % 70 %




All sales final. No phone orders. Cash and check only. Bookcases and fixtures for sale.



Storytime on


Dear Friends: It is with regret that I announce the closing of Storytime on Elm. I have decided not to exercise my option to renew my lease and at the end of the business day on January 16, 1999, I shall close the doors and go out of business. The factors that went into my decision to close are complex and include both the economic climate and, most important, my personal goals.

To mitigate the inconvenience this will cause those people who have gift certificates or credits at the bookstore, the address and the phone number will remain in effect until January 31, I999. If you have a gift certificate or credit, please mail a copy to the bookstore and a refund will be sent to you.

Those gift certificates or credits unredeemed by the store’s closing date can be redeemed at either The Town Book Store or at Book Value, Westfield’s remaining independent bookstores. They have agreed to honor our gift certificates and credits through June, 1999.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone for your support and friendship. Owning and operating Storytime on Elm has brought me a great deal of pleasure, and I hope I have given to the Westfield area as much as I have received. What I shall miss most are the very loyal customers who have made this almostfive year run of Storytime on Elm a stimulating and rewarding experience.

I thank you and wish you all the best for the New Year. Sincerely,


Tel: (908) 3222871 Fax: (908) 3222863 Hours by Appointment Ronnie Weiner MSW, LCSW, ACSW Psychotherapy

• Depression/ Grief • Individual/ Couples • Chronic Illness

• Physical Disabilities • Groups • Alternative Lifestyles

1451 Cooper Road • Scotch Plains

CONGRATULATIONS… The Cranfordbased New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra was congratulated for receiving a Heart Grant from the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders. The presentation was made at the December 13 “Holiday Tour of the World” Concert held at Cranford High School. The presentation was made by Chairman of the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Daniel P. Sullivan, and Freeholder Linda Stender to NJIO Membership Chairperson, Alan Campell of Fanwood and Lorraine Marks, NJIO conductor. An encore performance will be given on Sunday, January 17, at 2 p. m. at the Greenlane YMYWHA of Union. For further information, please call (908) 7090084.

County Providers, Volunteers Help Combat Substance Abuse

Union County Freeholder Lewis Mingo, Jr., spoke of the importance of fighting drug and alcohol abuse when he addressed the Annual Meeting of the Local Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (LACADA) held recently at the Westwood in Garwood.

LACADA is a freeholderappointed advisory board responsible to provide policy input, development of programs and resource allocation of funds for prevention and treatment of substance abuse in Union County.

In addition to being the featured speaker, Freeholder Mingo was one of 27 honorees, part of the group’s award ceremony for the 1998 Municipal Alliance Volunteers of the Year.

“We are at a time when drug and alcohol abuse continues to be at an alltime high. Not long ago this was an adult problem. That is no longer the case,” Freeholder Mingo said.

“The problem we now face is drug abuse among school students. Figures show that 22 percent of eighth graders and up to 50 percent of seniors have tried marijuana and 2.1 percent of those seniors have tried heroin,” Freeholder Mingo added.

LACADA Chairperson, Carol Berger, an Assistant Prosecutor with Union County for 14 years, has seen firsthand the problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

“Alcohol and drugs play a predominant role in most crimes. We are doing our best to stem that tide,”

she said. Ms. Berger, Freeholder Mingo and Diane Litterer, Chair of the Professional Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (PACADA), presented the Appreciation Awards to the 1998 Municipal Alliance Volunteers of the Year.

Local recipients included Sue Winans of Mountainside; Elizabeth Gordon of Scotch Plains – Fanwood, and Elizabeth Riker of Westfield.

The following PACADA members were also honored for their contribution in the development of the Annual Treatment and Prevention Unification Plan on substance abuse: Diane Litterer of the NCADDI; George Mattie of New Hope Foundation; Jim O’Brien of Turning Point; Michael Bizzarro of Elizabeth General Medical Center; Phyllis Linhart of UCPC Behavioral Health System; Thomas Reedy of United Family and Children’s Society, and Jim O’Dea of Elizabeth General Medical Center.

Special Recognition was accepted by Lori Ann Rizzuto of Charter Behavioral Health System of Summit for sponsoring Union County’s Mental Health/ Addiction CrossTraining one day seminar held this past spring.

A SPECIAL HONOR… Union County Freeholder Lewis Mingo, Jr. spoke of the importance of fighting drug and alcohol abuse when he addressed the Annual Meeting of the Local Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse held recently at the Westwood in Garwood. Pictured, above, is Freeholder Mingo as he presents a 1998 Municipal Alliance Volunteer of the Year Award to Elizabeth Riker of Westfield. County Provides Special Site

For ChildInWaiting Show

On Tuesday, January 12, Channel 12 News will present a segment of its ChildInWaiting Program which was recently filmed at the Trailside Museum in Mountainside. The program will be broadcast at 5 p. m.

A regular feature of Channel 12 News, each installment of ChildInWaiting features a child who is available for adoption. Show producer Kendra Wright said the program has profiled about 16 youngsters.

The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders made the museum available for Channel 12 to tape the program, which will feature two siblings in need of a permanent home.

“This show is a very powerful tool for finding homes for children who are with the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS). We are happy to help any way we can,” Union County Freeholder Linda d.

HELPING KIDS… Union County Freeholder Linda d. Stender is pictured with one of two young siblings who were recently filmed visiting the Trailside Museum in Mountainside for a segment of the Channel 12 News ChildInWaiting Program. This installment will be presented on Tuesday, January 12, at 5 p. m. ChildInWaiting profiles children who are available for adoption in a setting they enjoy.

Stender stated. “In my years of government service, nothing brings more joy to me than programs that assist our most precious resource — our youth,” she added.

According to Ms. Wright, the program is produced in cooperation with DYFS, which selects children who are in foster care and are available for adoption.

“We tape the children visiting a place they enjoy to give prospective parents a more natural look at who they are,” Ms. Wright revealed.

She said the show taped at Trailside is the first time two children were profiled. “We did this because the children are brother and sister and have always been together. We don’t want to separate them.”

For more information on the ChildInWaiting Program, please call Kathy McMahon at (800) 3922735.

Mr. DiFrancesco Seeks Review Of Bus Safety After Crashes

In the aftermath of three bus crashes on New Jersey highways within a week, State Senate President Donald T. DiFrancesco has asked the Senate Transportation Committee to schedule a hearing to explore whether additional safety regulations need to be implemented.

“While even the most stringent licensing and safety inspections won’t prevent a driver from speeding or a patch of ice from developing on the roadway, the tragic Christmas Eve bus crash and the subsequent accidents over the holiday week warrant a study of current New Jersey law regulating transportation on commercial buses,” said Mr. DiFrancesco.

The Senate President said he planned to ask Transportation Committee Chairman Andrew Cicsla to convene a hearing as soon as possible in light of the crash investigations that are underway.

Senator DiFrancesco, while serving as Acting Governor on December 29, said he would ask the committee to invite a representative from the National Transportation Safety Board, the State Department of Transportation, the New Jersey Highway Authority, the Attorney General and the State Police to attend a meeting

and review data gathered about the crashes.

“While the facts surrounding the accidents are in dispute, while Federal and state authorities complete their investigations, it is still our responsibility to ensure the highest level of safety for bus passengers on our state’s roadways,” he said.

“I would expect the Transportation Committee to explore whether our standards for licensing and inspection are tough enough and, more importantly, whether they are being met,” Senator DiFrancesco stated.

“There are a lot of questions regarding reciprocity between states, the standard of Federal regulations, state maintenance of the roadways, and enforcement of traffic laws,” he continued.

“We need to get answers to our questions and concerns and determine whether legislative action might be appropriate and necessary,” the Senator said.

“While it might be impossible to regulate every casinobound bus, particularly those from out of state, we must still take every possible precaution to prevent accidents on our highways,” he concluded.

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