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A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains - Fanwood Thursday, October 8, 1998 Page 5


Campaign Forum ’98







Republican Candidates Note Improvements in Downtown BRINGING LIFE TO DOWNTOWN... Republican candidates for the Scotch

Plains Township Council, left to right, Robert Johnston, Paulette Coronato and Gail Iammatteo stand under of the new Town Centre signs in the downtown. Mr. Greco Calls Jitney Bus

Separate Issue From Decision On Whether to Build A Deck

Mountainside GOP Name Campaign Publicity Chair

Enhancing Communications A Concern for Mrs. Vernick

MOUNTAINSIDE Bruce B. Dickerson has been appointed Publicity Chairman for the campaign of Werner C. Schon and Glenn Mortimer, Republican candidates for Mountainside Borough Council.

This announcement was made by Dona Osieja, Chairwoman of the Campaign Committee to Elect Schon

and Mortimer. Mr. Schon and Mr. Mortimer are urging all registered citizens of Mountainside to vote on Tuesday, November 3. They are pledging “to continue the same effective government which Mountainside has enjoyed for many years,” according to Mr. Dickerson. WESTFIELD Norman N. Greco,

independent Mayoral Candidate, stated this week that “Westfield is at the crossroads of important issues that will have a strong impact on its future,” noting that each individual vote will decide which Mayoral candidate will have the opportunity to govern and direct Westfield into the year 2000 and beyond.

“Westfield is fortunate to have three qualified candidates running for Mayor this November. There are, however, major differences that separate the three of us,” Mr. Greco stated.

As an example, noted, for over 50 years parking has been an issue in the

town. If elected Mayor, Mr. Greco stated that, “I will call for a townwide referendum to resolve the parking deck issue once and for all. The residents of Westfield should decide whether or not to construct a parking deck.”

Mr. Greco further stated that, “My opponents have taken the position that a ‘jitney bus’ will somehow solve Westfield’s parking problems. Common sense should tell all of us that our parking problems will not be solved in this manner. I believe that these are two separate and distinct issues that cannot be solved concurrently.”

“I have taken a formal position on the parking deck issue and challenge my opponents to do likewise. I do remain openminded to utilizing a ‘jitney bus’ for senior citizen transportation. However, these issues remain separate, because commuters have indicated to me that they will not use this jitney service. They feel it will add 40 to 60 minutes to their daily commute,” Mr. Greco stated.

Mr. Greco noted that another difference among the candidates is his lifelong residency in Westfield and his 40 plus years of business experience.

“I am confident that my knowledge of Westfield, my record of honesty, as well as my background and

Norman N. Greco


SCOTCH PLAINS Signs of the ongoing cooperative effort between the Scotch Plains Township Council and the Scotch Plains Downtown Business and Professional Association (SPBPA) are most evident in the maroon and gold banners and billboards heralding the entrances to the downtown’s “Towne Centre.”

The design and production of the banners and signs with the specially created “Towne Centre” logo are the result of a joint committee consisting of representatives from the Township Council and members of the

Scotch Plains Business and Professional Association, according to Councilman Martin Marks, Council liaison to the joint committee.

“Last year the joint task committee began to implement a long list of improvements that were set in motion and are continuing,” said Councilman Marks. “This year, visitors to our downtown are greeted by the warmly welCONTINUED


WESTFIELD “One of the most important functions of town government is to provide clear, accurate and timely communication between the town and the residents of our community,” Westfield Republican Mayoral candidate and First Ward Councilwoman Gail S. Vernick stated this week.

“The extent of our communication problems between our government and our citizens was clearly revealed after the Labor Day storm which wrecked such havoc on our community.

She explained that many residents and businesses lost electrical power and telephone service for days after the storm, severely limiting their ability to communicate with the municipal offices. Then, once service was returned, citizens were unsure which governmental departments to contact to request assistance.

“It became apparent that we need to review, and perhaps revamp, the emergency plan presently being utilized. We must do everything in our power to insure our government’s ability to communicate with its citizens through an emergency situation,” declared Mrs. Vernick.

“Leadership is not just telling people things. Listening is also a key ingredient to successful leadership,” expressed Mrs. Vernick. “In listening to the many residents who complained

Gail S. Vernick

about their inability to speak with someone who could help, it became apparent I needed to investigate our present communication policies.”

In an effort to insure that the communication gap between town government and residents is bridged, Mrs. Vernick stated that she will ask a special committee of citizens to provide advice to the town on ways to improve communications.

“Our community has many talented citizens with the knowledge and technological experience needed to rectify this problem,” she explained.


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