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Page 20 Thursday, October 8, 1998 The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains – Fanwood A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION








You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon FRANK J. MARTONE, P. C., Plaintiff’s Attorney, whose address is 4 Brighton Road, Clifton, New Jersey, 07012, an answer to the complaint (and amendment to complaint, if any) filed in a civil action in which THE DIME SAVINGS BANK OF NEW YORK, F. S. B. is Plaintiff and KRZYSZTOF L. NOWAK AND URSZULA S. NOWAK, HIS WIFE, et als. are Defendants, pending in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division, ESSEX County and bearing Docket Number F1384098 within Thirtyfive (35) days after OCTOBER 8, 1998 exclusive of such date.

If you fail to do so, judgment by default may be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint (and amendment to complaint, if any). You shall file your answer and proof of service in duplicate with the Clerk of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Hughes Justice Complex, 25 Market Street, CN971, Trenton, New Jersey, 08625, in accordance with the Rules of Civil Practice and Procedure.

This action has been instituted for the purpose of (1) foreclosing a mortgage dated DECEMBER 18, 1986, made by KRZYSZTOF L. NOWAK AND URSZULA S. NOWAK, H/ W, as Mortgagor( s), to THE DIME REAL ESTATE SERVICES NEW JERSEY, INC., recorded on DECEMBER 19, 1986, in Book 3697 of Mortgages for UNION County, Page 164, and subsequently assigned to the plaintiff; and (2) to recover possession of and concerns premises commonly known as: 18 MEEKER AVENUE, CRANFORD, NEW JERSEY 07016.

If you are unable to obtain an attorney, you may communicate with the New Jersey State Bar Association by calling (908) 2495000. You may also contact the lawyer referral service of UNION the County of Venue by calling (908) 3534715. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may communicate with the Legal Services Office of the County of Venue by calling (908) 3544340.

You, CHOICE VISA CARDS, are made a party defendant to this foreclosure action because you hold a mortgage/ lien/ judgment that may affect the mortgaged premises and the mortgage being foreclosed herein. You are entitled to Notice of this action for any right, title, claim or interest you may have in, to or against said mortgaged premises.


OF NEW JERSEY FRANK J. MARTONE 4 Brighton Road Clifton, New Jersey 07012 1 T – 10/ 8/ 98, The Leader Fee: $57.63


ESTATE OF SUSAN COVRAS, Deceased. Pursuant to the order of ANN P. CONTI, Surrogate of the County of Union, made on the 2nd day of October, A. D., 1998, upon the application of the undersigned, as Executor of the estate of said deceased, notice is hereby given to the creditors of said deceased to exhibit to the subscriber under oath or affirmation their claims and demands against the estate of said deceased within six months from the date of said order, or they will be forever barred from prosecuting or recovering the same against the subscriber.

Eliot C. Fried Executor Eliot C. Fried, Attorney 226 St. Paul Street Westfield, New Jersey 07090 1 T – 10/ 3/ 98, The Leader Fee: $19.89


Public Notice is hereby given that a resolution as follows was passed and adopted by the Council of the Town of Westfield at a meeting thereof held September 28, 1998.

Joy C. Vreeland Town Clerk


SEPTEMBER 28, 1998 WHEREAS, there exists a need for professional services for an aquatics facilities development study at the Memorial Pool Complex, and

WHEREAS, funds are available for this purpose from the Memorial Pool capital nonrecurring budget account No. 8003195259 and have been certified by the Financial Officer, and

WHEREAS, the Westfield Recreation Commission has reviewed and recommends the proposal submitted by Kinsey Associates


1. That the proper Town Officials are hereby authorized to execute an agreement with Kinsey Associates, Hastings Commons, Building 2, Suite 207, Hackettstown, New Jersey 07840, for said professional services and the compensation for such services under this contract shall not exceed $6,200 as defined in the proposal dated August 20, 1998. 2. This contract is awarded without competitive bidding as a contract for professional services, as the same are

defined in N. J. S. A. 40A: 112, as amended by PL 1975c, PL 1977c 53. 3. A copy of this resolution shall be

published in The Westfield Leader as a Public Notice of action taken in accordance with N. J. S. A. 40A: 115. 1 T – 10/ 8/ 98, The Leader Fee: $36.21


The Board of Adjustment of the Town of Westfield, New Jersey will meet on Monday, October 19, 1998 in the Council Chambers at the Westfield Municipal Building, 425 East Broad Street, Westfield, New Jersey at 7: 30 p. m. to hear and consider the following appeals for variance from the requirements of the Westfield Land Use Ordinance:

1. Bettye G. and Stephen E. Barcan, 838 Standish Avenue seeking permission to alter a single family home contrary to the requirements of Section 11.06 E. 6 of the Land Use Ordinance. Minimum interior sideyard violation of 13.67 feet. Ordinance requires 15 feet. 2. Rita and Dennis Wade, 365

Wychwood Road seeking permission to erect a 2nd story addition contrary to the requirements of Section 11.06 E. 6 of the Land Use Ordinance. Minimum interior sideyard violation (proposed and existing) of 10.2 feet. Ordinance requires 15 feet. 3. Elliot Budashewitz and Susan

Spiegal, 920 Summit Avenue seeking permission to erect a 1 story building addition and deck contrary to the requirements of Section 1204 F. 1, F2, 11.09 E. 7, 1302 B2, and 11.09 E6 of the Land use Ordinance. Maximum building coverage, without deck violation of 23.2%. Ordinance requires 20%. Maximum building coverage, including deck violation of 25.7%. Ordinance requires 22%. Minimum rear yard, building addition violation of 24.8 feet. Ordinance requires 35 feet. Minimum rear yard, deck violation of 22.3 feet. Ordinance requires 25 feet. Minimum sideyard, addition violation of 9.9 feet. Ordinance requires 10 feet. 4. Zbigniew and Andea M. Kozlowski,

8A US Route 22, seeking permission to erect a building addition (note: deck is existing) contrary to the re quirements of Section 11.03 E. 6 and

E. 7 of the Land Use Ordinance. Minimum interior sideyard, proposed addition violation of 12.9 feet. Ordinance requires 20 feet. Minimum rear yard, proposed addition violation of 27 feet +-. Ordinance requires 60 feet. 5. Robert A. Panza, 566 Westfield Avenue seeking permission to use a

third floor for residential at 566 Westfield Avenue contrary to the requirements of Section 17.02 C1 and 1702 C5a of the Land Use Ordinance. Number of on site parking spaces violation of 17. Ordinance requires 19 spaces. 6. Donald A. Fishbein, 314 Scotch

Plains Avenue seeking permission to demolish existing and erect a new garage contrary to the requirements of Section 13.01 G1 b, 12.04 F2 and 13.02 C. 2 of the Land Use Ordinance: Minimum rear setback for proposed detached garage violation of 1 foot, 6 inches. Ordinance requires 5 feet minimum by code, granted 3 feet 0 inches by 5/ 11/ 98 variance. Maximum building coverage including deck violation of 22.6%. Ordinance requires 22%. Minimum rear yard for deck violation of 21 feet. Ordinance requires 25 feet. 7. Dani Holder, 1150 Central Avenue

seeking permission to install a “circular” driveway in front yard contrary to the requirements of Section 17.05 A of the Land Use Ordinance. Maximum width of circular driveway violation of +16 feet. Ordinance requires: 10 feet. Documentation of the above is on file in the office of the Town Engineer, 959 North Avenue West, Westfield, New Jersey and may be seen Monday through Friday, 8: 30 a. m. to 4: 30 p. m.

Colleen Mayer, Secretary Board of Adjustment 1 T –10/ 8/ 98, The Leader Fee: $79.05

Township Bd. Hopes To Conclude Pheasant Subdivision This Year A season subscription of $35 to the

CDC provides members with tickets to three productions, reserved seating, art and memorabilia exhibits, refreshments, free parking, a free annual musical patron review show, free reception at the review show, free tickets to the Junior CDC production, and a free newsletter.

The CDC also sponsors an elaborate outreach program. Members of the theater visit nursing homes and hospitals two to three times per year to perform to those who can not readily attend productions.

Such places include Children’s Specialized Hospital and Elizabeth General Hospital’s Psychiatric Center.

Thematic music is performed by senior members for patients at the Theo House and Hudson House in Elizabeth, as well as The Center for Hope Hospice in Linden.

There is also the Children’s Outreach, which sang this year for the first time on Valentine’s Day. This outreach aided patients at the Cranford Health and Extended Care Center and Cranford Hall.

Mr. Pells explained that the CDC is struggling with a roof problem. The organization needs to raise $50,000 to pitch a flat roof in order to alleviate water problems which have extended to the theater stage and the ceiling in the upstairs lounge that houses the exhibits.

Through sponsored raffles, 5050s and generous donations, the CDC has raised $17,000 in less than a year of fundraising.

The CDC was recently awarded grants by the Westfield Foundation and the John Ben Snow Foundation of Westfield. It has also received contributions through a memorial fund to which people make contributions in memory of a loved one. The person is memorialized in the CDC’s newsletter.

The theater also anticipates replacing and repairing its lighting and sound systems.

Gregory Weber of Linden, who performed in CDC’s 19871988 production of Amadeus, stated that he is proud to have been a part of the CDC. He added that it is one of the few theaters that is trying to keep the arts

Cranford Dramatic Club Celebrates 80th Year

thriving. Casting was once open solely to members of the theater, but has been expanded to include the general public for quite some time. There are two audition dates per production. Members of the Casting Committee evaluate performances and are responsible for placing actors in the parts which best suit them.

When the production has been cast, the first reading of the play begins, and schedules, characterization and all of the facets of the play are discussed. The cast will practice up to six weeks prior to the production on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Senior citizens, patients from the Center For Hope Hospice, and neighbors are given an open invitation to the productions during the first rehearsal.

Mr. Pells announced that the CDC recently won Perry Awards from the Recognition of Excellence in Community Theater (RECT) for Best Musical Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in a Musical for the group’s recent production of

She Loves Me.

The CDC will open its fall season with Dracula, directed by Mike Marcus, which will be performed on Fridays and Saturdays, October 9, 10, 16, 17, 23 and 24. The winter season includes a comedy, Arsenic and Old Lace, directed by Peggy Seymour, which will be presented on Fridays and Saturdays, February 19 and 20, 26 and 27, and March 5 and 6.

The Children’s Theater production,

Snow White Goes West, directed by Madge Wittel, will take place on Saturdays and Sundays, December 5 and 6, 12 and 13. The spring musical,

Pippin, directed by Maurice Moran Jr., is slated for Fridays and Saturdays, May 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 and 22.

Mr. Pells concluded, “I’ve been told that we are the best kept secret in Cranford. Some people who have lived here for 10 years don’t realize there is a community theater in Cranford.”

He added, “When you see something come through to completion and that pleases your ticket holders, it is very rewarding.”


SP REPUBLICANS Michelle H. LePoidevin for The Westfield Leader and The Times LOCAL THEATER… The Cranford Dramatic Club (CDC) theater, located at 78 Winans Avenue in Cranford, is the home base of the community organization. Now in its 80th year, the CDC offers a variety of programs, including dramas, musicals, comedies, children’s theater and special performances for hospitalized people and others who may not easily be able to attend regular productions.

bushes, which would have to be done in order to create the through street.

Mr. Dean responded that trees and brush would only have to be cleared in small sections at the first bend of Pheasant Lane, involving an area of 100 feet by five or 10 feet at the most, and would be done to “improve the line of sight” for traffic, and not for paving purposes.

Robert Kraus, an attorney representing area residents who are opposed to the development project, revealed that at the board’s next meeting, he would present expert witnesses to testify on his clients’ behalf.

Board members stated that they wanted to see the conclusion of testimony and get to a decision in the case by the end of the year.

In other business, the board continued to hear testimony related to an appeal by Ralph Iaione for a proposed subdivision at 2298 Westfield Avenue. Mr. Iaione, who has a house on the existing lot, hopes to build another if the subdivision is approved.

Neighbors have been concerned over the aesthetics of the neighborhood and the safety of children walking along a path to and from Evergreen Elementary School. The school is located near the proposed subdivision.

Edward Witkowski of Sunrise Court told board members he had specific safety issues regarding Evergreen students going to and from school if the applicant’s subdivision is granted.

Mr. Witkowski argued that the applicant’s new driveway would be dangerous to children using the path.

Arthur Fowler, who owns the property adjacent to Mr. Iaione’s, stated that he had problems with the planned driveway as well, and also expressed safety

concerns over children walking to and from Evergreen.

Edward Cooney of Sunrise Court expressed concern that excess water from the backyard of the proposed new home would spill into his own backyard.

Engineer Jon Vincenti, testifying on behalf of Mr. Iaione, said no excess water would travel into Mr. Cooney’s backyard as a result of the proposed new home.

He stated that the water in the backyard would drain the same as it does now. Mr. Vincenti said drainage from the roof and driveway of the proposed second house would go forward directly into an underground detention facility in front of the house.

Board Chairman George Tomkin reported that the board would vote on the proposed subdivision at its Monday, October 19 meeting, after all board members had the opportunity to review transcripts from the previous board meeting.

The board has announced that it will vote on The Reserve townhouse application on Monday, December 7.

Developer K. Hovnanian is proposing to build a 116unit townhouse complex on 7.7 acres of property, currently owned by sistersinlaw Frances and Angeline Donato. The project has been open and pending for over two years.

Mr. Kraus, representing the developer, has stated in past reports that 20 percent of the planned units would be designated as lowto moderateincome housing.

The project is opposed by Weldon Materials, a Westfieldbased firm which owns a stone quarry adjacent to the tentative development site. Weldon is being represented by attorney William Butler of Westfield.


regardless of what course is being taken.”

Board President Patricia Taeschler echoed Mr. Perrin’s thoughts concerning teachers who continue their education regardless of the courses being taken, and stated she was “proud to be part of a board that reimburses staff members to take courses.”

She noted that teachers are allotted six credits in tuition reimbursement per year, not exceeding $875 per three credit course.

In other business, Chief School Administrator, Dr. Gerard Schaller, announced that the board’s Tuesday, October 20, meeting, which will include a Math Curriculum presentation, would start at 8 p. m. instead of 7: 30.

The time change will allow parents to attend the Parent Teacher Association’s parent education discussion scheduled for that evening at 6: 45 p. m. The discussion will focus on Megan’s Law and will take place in the Deerfield School’s Media Center.

Dr. Schaller also announced that there will be a presentation during the board’s Tuesday, November 3, meeting, given by Vicki Jenkins, Supervisor of Special Services and the Learning Disability Teacher Consultant.

She will review the new rules and regulations on special education and students’ rights.

Finally, the appointment of two substitute teachers was approved for the 19981999 school year.

Mountainside BOE OKs Reimbursement for Teachers
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