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Subj: Re: Great Meeting, Great Future Date: 97-01-26 12:11:57 EST From: (Peter W. Billson) Reply-to: To: wrote:

> Thanks for your time Saturday. I'm 150% behind you. We'll kick this >into gear in next two weeks.

It was great meeting with you also. I think your idea is really going to take off and am really impressed at your commitment. I look forward to being a charter member of "The Downtown technology Club" and doing whatever I can to further it. A few thing I have thought of since we met:

- When (if?) you do get the T-1 and server to establish a Westfield ISP I know someone (also a Westfield resident) who would probably be willing to act as a SYSOP for the system. Let me know if you will be in need of such a person.

- I assume you will be needing a sign for the club's entrance, furniture etc. I would be willing to trade my Web Site design services to someone willing to provide these items. I don't know if this is helpful but maybe in conjunction to some free publicity it may be an enticement. As you can tell I am always thinking of the cheap way out! :-)

- If you think it is worth pursuing a Master Westfield Home page I would be willing to contact the different parties to see where they stand on the issue.

> Do you have expertise in Win 95 network setup to help the girls >downstairs with the newspaper before I get "run out" of the office?

I don't think you could call it "expertise" because I do not do it day in and day out but I am familiar with the software. I doubt if I could do over the phone "tech help" for complicated problems but certainly would be more than happy to give whatever assistance I can via phone or in person and I do not foresee a need to charge for these services. Just assure your staff that this is just "growing pains" and (really) it will be sorted out soon enough.

I didn't get a chance to offer one more solution to your AOL problems. Try setting up a new location using your ATT Worldnet phone number as the phone number and setting the drop down box to ATT Worldnet. I am not sure this will work for you (because of your special account) but it is worth a try to avoid the busy signals and the worst that will happen is it just will not let you log onto AOL.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and working with you to establish to first successful community technology club in Union County! Pete Billson