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Wish Granted

Last year's wish for a snowless winter now as appealing as a hairless cat.

The silence and surprise of an early morning white blanket broken by commuter tires making wakes of March slush.

Three yellow DPW trucks ready and five workers with shovels expectantly surround the town circle like a wagon train.

A hulking plow bullies melting snow off the road, sparks and scrapes the bare asphalt as water runs to the side in rivulets.

Ellyn Matthews, Westfield, New Jersey

From: ellyn@andromeda.rutgers.edu

To the editor of the Westfield Leader:

I don't know if you routinely publish poems, but as I was coming through town this morning (March 10, 1997). I couldn't help but put to words the what I saw as I came through the underpass by the World War I monument.

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