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To: The Westfield Leader

Dear Sirs,

These pictures of the Excellent Diner, now located in Germany, may be of interest to your readers. They came to me by a circuitous route, from a WHS classmate, Marshall Howard, who sent them from Saratoga, California.

Marshall had sent Leader articles about the impending move of the diner to another classmate, Roland Hall, who lives in Ottsville, Pa. Roland in turn sent the articles to his sister Judy who was heading for Germany. Judy took these pictures when she visited the old Westfield hangout.

Business wasn't exactly booming in the interior shot. She offered no insights on the quality of the food but anyone conversant in German can try to read the menu.

See Menu Photo, click here

Judy's pictures went to Marshall's sister who sent them to me since I still live in town. See how far the Leader reaches!

Joan Lowell Smith

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