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Fun Learning Email! (Name withheld, we all go through it!)

Date: 97-02-17 14:45 EST From: Yikes! To: goleader1@aol.com

Dear Horace,

I am still working on e-mail. For some reason, I can not figure how to add names to the address book. When I get into the address book where obviously, it is blank, I can't get any farther. It does not give me any directions to add names to it. Any suggestions, please let me know.

Regards, Yikes!

Date: 97-02-17 14:55 EST From: Yikes! To: goleader1@aol.com

Dear Horace,

Here I am again! I found out how to add e-mail addresses! Yeah, me. I would like to install "aol" and I need two telephone numbers to use. When you get a chance, could you let me know what local numbers you use and I'll be able to get started.

Thanks. Yikes!

Date: 97-02-17 15:25 EST From: Yikes! To: goleader1@aol.com

Dear Horace,

Still playing with my computer. Just wanted to send one more message to see if it works. Sorry to be a pain. Let me know if you receive it.

Regards, Yikes!

Editors' Note: We're having fun running Internet Classes at the Downtown Technology Club, as you can see above. Classes are free for all by appointment Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 7-9 pm. Come join us and meet a lot of great people. Call for an appointment (908) 232-4407

The Westfield Leader
50 Elm St.
Westfield, NJ 07090

(If you Email us, we'll draft you as an Instructor!)

Subj: Subscription out of state
Date: 97-02-12 19:45:51 EST
From: Todd Melka

To: goleader@aol.com

I grew up in Westfield, I am now currently living in Colorado. I would like to have the Westfield Leader delivered to my residence in Colorado. What is the process? How much does it cost?

Thank you in advance, Todd Melka

Editors' Note: Dear Todd, Our subscription rate in the U.S. outside of Union County is $24 per year. (The Union County rate is $20 per year). We would love to have you with us. Just send your name and address with a check for the above amount to:

The Westfield Leader
50 Elm St.
Westfield, NJ 07090

You will be added to our mailing list as soon as payment is received. Snail mail may take about 3 days to reach you.

Date: 97-02-13 21:59:05 EST

To: goleader@aol.com

Do you know how I would add my business to the Westfield business on line? Abigail Wester

Editors' Note: Dear Abigail,

We are nearing completion of formulating our advertising programs. The Leader will be offering comprehensive newspaper and Internet advertising services, Email, FaxBack, Telephony and direct mail; assisted by our partner, ATT Research. We will assist businesses with planning and implementing long term marketing tailored to customer needs in our region.

For now, please contact Joanna at (908) 232-4407.

We will be posting details shortly on this site. Thank you very much for your interest.

Subj: Locating Missing and Loved Ones
Date: 97-02-04 12:23:29 EST


Dear Editor:

Recently, I came into your office in Westfield and was surprised to learn that your paper has a Technology Department on the Internet. So, I found out your Internet address and worked with your technology people. I was able to find a very good friend of mine that I have not seen in 23 years!!!

This was like a great weight off my shoulders, and I can't begin to thank-you enough for your papers' help in locating this person. The reason for the letter was as a thank-you and also to help your readers. If they're looking for an old friend or loved one, drop me an E-Mail. I'll help any way I can.


Editor's Note: Jim lost touch with an Air Force friend (they met in San Franscisco). His friend was last known to be in the Pittsburgh area. After searching the Internet, his friend's father was located. Jim has a reunion scheduled with his friend now in Long Island, N.Y.

Subj: Letter to the Editor
Date: 97-02-06 16:41:52 EST
From: Susanpep To: GOLEADER

Dear Editor:

I would like to set the record straight regarding comparing Westfield High School SAT scores from 1972 to 1996, referred to in the February 6 "Letter to the Editor" by John Jaruzelski. The comparisons of SAT scores were made by the Westfield High School Guidance Department based on conversion tables provided by Educational Testing Service for the purpose of comparison. Any comparison that is made between scores using different scoring systems are converted so that real comparisons can be made. Mr. Jaruzelski noted, an 800 in 1996 in math converts to a 730 in the old system, etc.

Mr. Jaruzelski is correct that the Educational Testing Service made a decision to change their scoring system in 1995 and "recenter" the test scores. I'm not taking a position on whether that was a wise decision on their part or not. Nevertheless, the statistics that were reported in THE WESTFIELD LEADER in the discussion of SAT scores on the State Report Card, and the statistics that I quoted in my letter on January 2, compare "apples to apples." A note on the State Report Card also calls attention to the fact that any SAT score reported before 1995 had been converted for comparison.

Susan H. Pepper

Subj: Subscription Date: 97-01-11 00:01:18 EST

From: Tay1960@aol.com

To: GOLEADER@aol.com

I am interested in getting your newspaper delivered to me down here in D.C. I think of my hometown all the time and would like to see how things are going.

Regards, Scott Wythe

Subj: Correction Date: 97-01-15 11:36:06 EST

From: Midl cfs@aol.com

To: GOLEADER@aol.com

Dear Horace and Paul

I was thrilled to be able to read about things Westfield without having to wait for the Thursday paper! One minor correction regarding my term on the Planning Board - I have only been on the Planning Board one year. I was an alternate on the Board of Adjustment in 1994, and a member briefly in 1995. I resigned to assume my council seat in early 1995 to serve the remainder of Ken MacRitchie's term.

Mike Panagos was the council's representative prior to 1996.

I may be sending my first electronic press release out soon. I may also approach you and your friends at Quintillion about EMail communication for the council. Keep looking in your mailbox

Again, great to read about Westfield on more than just Thursday.

Neil Sullivan

Subj: First Night-the forgotten volunteers

Date: 97-01-16 10:43:39 EST

From: Clockmeister@postoffice.worldnet.att.net

To: goleader@aol.com

Dear Editor,

I agree with your editorial in the 1-9-97 issue regarding First Night. It WAS a success. I realize you cannot mention every single event when you write about a celebration of this sort. BUT...perhaps there is one exhibit that you should have mentioned-one that was overlooked by even the First Night Committee.

The First Night Committee asked the Westfield Historical Society to place the Westfield Town Bell at Broad and Elm Streets for the evening of December 31, 1996. The request went from Ralph Jones,Historical Society Curator, to me, the Town Bell Master. I, in-turn, contacted Ken Marsh, Westfield Town Engineer at the Department of Public Works. Mr. Marsh asked Marvin Stith, Supervisor, to arrange with Richard Edge and Mark Mecca, DPW employees, to have the bell in place by 6pm.

No one can forget that New Year's Eve, 1996, was one of the coldest nights of the year, with the temperature dropping to twelve degrees with a chill of -9 degrees. The Broad and Elm intersection was rather desolate that night, save for an enclosed food vendor, spotlights, and the playing of some recorded carols. People walked through on their ways to various venues. The parade came through-twice-early in the evening. The Town Bell was rung vigourously to annnounce their marching. Children loved it!

The sole source of entertainment and liveliness at Broad and Elm for a solid six hours was the Town Bell. Perhaps we were the ONLY display or event to be OUTSIDE for the entire evening. The Town Bellmaster and DPW employees were standing in that cold air for six hours...with only occassional periods when we could try to keep warm in a truck or bank lobby. Many First Nighters stopped by to inspect, touch, and ring the bell. Several complimented us on our tenacity to remain in the freezing temperatures in order to provide some degree of activity and fun in an area where basically nothing was happening.

Dressed as warmly as possible, we were glad to be a part of the celebration, even when feelings in our toes and fingers became almost non-existent. We were happy to welcome the Mayor, Garland "Bud" Boothe, and his wife, Gail, both of whom give the Town Bell a good tolling. Other notables visited, as well. While Mr. Edge and Mr.Mecca rang the Town Bell for midnight festivities, the Town Bellmaster proceeded to the Town Clock at the Methodist Church to ring in the new year from the tower. This also a request from the First Night Committee.

Volunteers and talent made Westfield's First Night a success. We froze! The memory of that night will remain in our minds for some time to come. But, as always, town residents should recognize and be thankful that the Westfield Historical Society, the Department of Public Works, and the Town Bell Master are all willing to be a part of any celebration in colonial Westfield.

Regards, John R. Panosh, Westfield Town Bell Master & Restorer/Curator of the Westfield Town Clock (visit the hyperlinks below, The Editor).




From: Clockmeister@postoffice.worldnet.att.net

Subj: Misquote, I hope!

Date: 97-01-16 11:05:05 EST

From: david.haas@alliedsignal.com

To: goleader@aol.com

I'm sure that Gail Vernik said that the current municipal judge was apolitical not a "politico". Although I didn't hear her, from the context of the paragraph it seems clear that apolitical fits.

(David Haas)

Subj: Downtown Technology Club

Date: 97-01-16 15:44:28 EST

From: bielen@turnaround.com

To: goleader@aol.com


I recently visited your web site and saw the article discussing the Downtown Technology Club. I'd like to know if you have any additional information available or a calendar of events.

Any info would be appreciated.


Mike Bielen

The Turnaround Team, Inc.

123 South Avenue East

Westfield, NJ 07090

Subj: hello

Date: 97-01-21 13:47:11 EST

From: Joe.Ambrose@worldnet.att.net

To: goleader@aol.com

Hi Horace: Here we are across the street and viewing your terrific website.

Thanks alot from art lucy and joe.

(Joseph Ambrose)

Subj: Tuesdays headlines

Date: 97-01-22 09:19:35 EST

From: MMogielnic@aol.com

To: GOLEADER@aol.com

For the first time this morning I accessed your website. Actually, Mayor Jardim who also is a fan of email suggested that I link into your site. I was amazed to see my picture and headline as the new judge of Westfield. Please feel free to call upon me with any questions in the future.

Thank you.

Judge Mogielnicki

Subj: Your reply+more

Date: 97-01-24 02:51:34 EST

From: Clockmeister@postoffice.worldnet.att.net

To: goleader@aol.com

Dear Mr. Corbin,

Thanks a million for your prompt response to my 1-16-97 e-mail. Just received, in the snail mail, yesterday-1/21/97-the 1/16/97 edition of THE LEADER! No thanks to the Post Office!

I read through the FIRST NIGHT ad on page 2, along with some letters to the editor. Even had a call from a member of the Westfield Historical Society inquiring about the apparent absence of any mention of the Society and the fact that we were "on duty" with the bell on New Year's Eve. Another "follower of the Bell" called and wondered why there was no mention of our "volunterism" since the FIRST NIGHT org. did ask us, through the DPW, to participate. She asked if we thought the organizers were in the crowd at Broad and Elm to ring in 1997. If so, they would have seen and heard the bell.

I suppose you could say that the Westfield Historical Society, the DPW guys, and the Bellmaster still feel just a bit slighted. I don't want to belabor this to great proportions, but the consensus is that a little appreciation is always welcome.

Thanks for your interest and attention by way of the LEADER.

Regards, John R. Panosh, Westfield Town Bellmaster

Subj: Re: Your paper

Date: 97-01-26 08:54:35 EST

From: Occas@aol.com

To: GOLEADER@aol.com


It's much too simple to figure out who I am. Yes, the internet paper is what I was having trouble with, but even with my limited brain capability I was able to figure it out!!! And what are you doing up at that hour of the day? I thought I was an early riser.

Thanks for your swift reply,


Subj: Re: Great Meeting, Great Future

Date: 97-01-26 12:11:57 EST

From: edgarslb@webspan.net

To: GOLEADER@aol.com

GOLEADER@aol.com wrote: "Thanks for your time Saturday. I'm 150% behind you. We'll kick this into gear in next two weeks."

It was great meeting with you also. I think your idea is really going to take off and am really impressed at your commitment. I look forward to being a charter member of "The Downtown technology Club" and doing whatever I can to further it. A few thing I have thought of since we met:

- When (if?) you do get the T-1 and server to establish a Westfield ISP I know someone (also a Westfield resident) who would probably be willing to act as a SYSOP for the system. Let me know if you will be in need of such a person.

- I assume you will be needing a sign for the club's entrance, furniture etc. I would be willing to trade my Web Site design services to someone willing to provide these items. I don't know if this is helpful but maybe in conjunction to some free publicity it may be an enticement. As you can tell I am always thinking of the cheap way out! :-)

- If you think it is worth pursuing a Master Westfield Home page I would be willing to contact the different parties to see where they stand on the issue.

Goleader writes: "Do you have expertise in Win 95 network setup to help the girls downstairs with the newspaper before I get "run out" of the office?"

I don't think you could call it "expertise" because I do not do it day in and day out but I am familiar with the software. I doubt if I could do over the phone "tech help" for complicated problems but certainly would be more than happy to give whatever assistance I can via phone or in person and I do not foresee a need to charge for these services. Just assure your staff that this is just "growing pains" and (really) it will be sorted out soon enough.

I didn't get a chance to offer one more solution to your AOL problems. Try setting up a new location using your ATT Worldnet phone number as the phone number and setting the drop down box to ATT Worldnet. I am not sure this will work for you (because of your special account) but it is worth a try to avoid the busy signals and the worst that will happen is it just will not let you log onto AOL.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and working with you to establish to first successful community technology club in Union County!

Pete Billson

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