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Friday, January 24, 1997 (Jeff Becker to Westfield Leader)

Subject: Re: The Excellent Diner in Aalen

Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 09:08:26 +0100

From: Rainer Haegele <rhaege@rzws.fh-aalen.de>


Organization: FH - Aalen

To: jeffb@clientsfirst.com

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for visit(ing) my homepage.

It is not very beautiful but I am working really hard on it :

You have luck, I know the Excellent Diner where you can taste the American life stil(style). You can find the Excellent Diner in the area "Industriegebiet" near Aalen.

Aalen is a small town with about 60000 citizen. The city is located 60 km north from the city Ulm and 100 km east from the city Stuttgart.

The information from The Westfield Leader is wrong, because Aalen is not 200 km northerly from Munich.

The information you need is simple. The only newspaper in Aalen you can find in Internet is called "Schwdbische Post". The location is: httn://www *schwaer)o.de

You can contact them via e-mail with mailto:sdz-aalen@t-online.de


Rainer Hdgele


Subject: RE: The Excellent Diner (Jeffrey Becker)

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 97 09:23 +0100 (sdz-aalen)

From: sdz-aalen@t-online.de

To: jeffb@clientsfirst.com

Dear Jeff!

Thanks for mailing us!

We are the lokal newspaper here in Aalen, but having no Contact to the exellent diner (there is a new owner, i have know the old one as well, but haven't contact to the new one.)

I send you by snail mail one copy of our local newspaper.

Please let me know, if i can do more for you! If you need more help, we can start an story in the newspaper to help you.

Greetings Uli


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Subj: How are you? Date: 97-01-18 13:39:57 EST

From: Zip 07090@aol.com

To: GOLEADER@aol.com

File: DINER.JPG (12808 bytes)

Dear Horace,

How are you?

The Westfield Leader online looks great! I have received several e-mails asking for its address and I have been referring people to http://www.quintillion.com/leader

I decided to take the challenge and enter your Excellent Diner contest. It wasn't easy, [doing it entirely over the Internet (in English)] but I managed to receive confirmation via e-mail yesterday. Please see the attached "image document".

If I am one of the 5 winners, I would like to donate my free membership in the Downtown Technology Club to an aspiring teenager in Westfield who does not have Internet access from home. I miss the Excellent Diner and the family who owned it....we used to eat there every week and the poster would preserve some of those memories.

Speak to you soon, Darryl

Words in the image: "We the Excellent Diner confirm that we will send the local newspaper to Cafe Java, 70 Elm St., Westfield, NJ 07090 USA" - included is the Excellent Diner receipt rubber stamp. The Editor

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