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Westfield Zoning Board Votes Against Used Car Lot

By Anna Murray

Specially Written for The Westfield Leader

At the April 14 meeting of the Westfield Board of Adjustment, board members denied the application of Westfield Car Rental on South Avenue, West, to sell used automobiles at its facility.

According to town officials, the Westfield Land Use Ordinance does not allow used automobile lots in town, and the testimony heard at the meeting by the applicant did not persuade board members to grant a use variance.

If board members had agreed to zone the property as a used car lot, it could be used as such forever, officials revealed. However, that weighty precedent was not the only reason the application was denied. Board members cited increased traffic and a lack of parking as other compelling reasons to deny the application.

Application by the Westfield Food Service Corp., owners of the Westfield Diner on North Avenue to erect a free-standing sign, was withdrawn by the applicant, according to Jeremiah P. O’Neil, the town’s zoning officer.

The diner had sought to erect a free-standing sign and a second wall sign on the exterior of the building. The application had been postponed by the board at the March 10 meeting.

The board adopted several resolutions from action taken at its March meeting. These included the granting of an addition to a home on Marlboro Street owned by John and Susan Ciufu, and an addition on a home owned by Robert J. and Jennie Jordan on Maryland Street.

Resolutions also were issued for two building additions and a deck to a residence on Nancy Way owned by Ronald and Gwen Brachman, and a two-story addition to a home on Nancy Way owned by Jon and Debbie Skolnick.

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