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Cape Cod Email Chatter 97apr15

Subj: Keep Up the Good Work!
Date: 97-04-15
rkroth@capecod.net (Ron Roth)
To: GOLEADER@aol.com

I have to chuckle... you were writing your note just about as I was "hitting the hay!" Well, all I can say is that there's no grass growing under your feet, Horace! Best wishes for success in all your ventures, whether it be publishing or mining!

I did, btw, return to the Leader page using MS Explorer 3.0 and had NO DIFFICULTY with the ARCHIVE BUTTON. It worked flawlessly.To hopefully nail down the fact that there exists some yet inexplicable glitch in the use of Netscape 3.0, I needed to return one more time with IT to see if the ARCHIVE BUTTON would balk yet a second time.

This I did, and I must now say this has been "Much Ado About Nothing" as the ARCHIVE BUTTON this time..... USING NETSCAPE 3.0..... worked equally as well as it had using MS Explorer and we need to silence the alarm! Evidently, there was some transient cause for the failure I had reported earlier and I apologize if my initial report raised false concern.

After viewing and reviewing your superb effort in developing this website, Horace, I can only say "well done!" If there is a suggestion box available I would add two items which are probably too luxurious to consider in light of the work that would be needed to make them a reality.

(1) As an ex-resident of our fair town I would like to access the archive which would cover the decade or so following my WHS graduation year for the purpose of following any notable incidents affecting my classmates and their post-graduate well-being. This, of course, would probably be a feature most enjoyed by those, like myself, who have been "incommunicado" for these many years! I'm aware of the effort it would take to make everything in the archives accessible.

(2) If there were a "log-in" chart categorized by year,where all graduates of WHS could notate it would afford the potential for great renewal of old friendships which might otherwise be nearly impossible. I would imagine many current residents would be able to form a nucleous for such a "CLASSMATES" display. The I-net certainly does offer us opportunities for procurement of information never practically possible prior to its existence.

Just think, Horace....if it hadn't been for the Net I would not have been so reassured concerning the survival of the Leader after these 105+(?) years and its future so bright for "serving a town that's deserving"....that certainly fits Westfield! So much for the "Rah-Rah" chatter....you can be sure we'll be checking in often to see what's brewing in what I'll alway's consider to be.... my "hometown!"

Best regards, Ron

PS. I intend to forward funds to cover a subscription to the LEADER.Thanks for the info...I ultimately found it elsewhere in the website.

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