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PaperThe Westfield Leader has been bringing the News to residents of Westfield, and the surrounding area, for over 107 years and has become a source of trusted information and reliable advertising. We now bring the paper into the 21st century with the addition of The Westfield Leader On-line and The Marketplace. These two new sources of information will not only help the current residents of Westfield to stay informed but will allow people who have left Westfield, whether it's your children who have left for school, on people away on business or those who have just moved away, to stay in touch with their home town. In just the short time we've been on-line we've located the old Excellent Diner, have received letters from as far away as Paris and have helped friends separated by 23 years find each other. Let us know how we can help YOU.

The Marketplace
We've added a brand new feature to The Westfield Leader On-line; The Marketplace. You will recognize all of the names as the businesses you've known and dealt with for years, but now they offer you the convenience of on-line shopping. For example;

The Westfield Leader Marketplace is a secure service, run by people you know and trust so there is no worry about sending your credit card number to some company you've never heard of or someone stealing your number. The Westfield Leader Marketplace gives you the convenience of mail order shopping, with the comfort of knowing you are keeping the business in your own community. You can even use the Westfield Visa Card for your purchases knowing that for every purchase you make, the bank contributes to the Town. Support YOUR community, use your local merchants.


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