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Recent Property Transactions

Recent real estate transactions are provided by The Westfield Leader in cooperation with the office of Tax Assessor Annemarie Switzer.

The first set of names or name is the seller and the second set of names or name is the buyer.

The sales prices are those recorded by the Register of Deeds at the Union County Court House complex in Elizabeth.

L.S. Viscione and J. Guastella to Michael Hennessey and Mary Jane Cheah, 1203 Sedgewick Avenue, $9,900.

S.C. and C.M. Roussin to Michael J. and Kathleen M. Ghabrial, 7 Kent Place, $430,000.

M. Whitaker to John A. and Rhona B. Grosser, 527 Bradford Avenue, $288,000.

Norman T. Sprague to John P. and Cherie H. Fritz, 619 Maye Street, $221,000.

S.S. Robinson to William Wallace Associates, 719 Clarence Street, $60,000.

J.J. and B.J.A. Colby to CCH Incorporated, 569 Edgar Road, $215,000.

B.V. and M.R. Carty to John C. Beyler and Karen M. Devlin-Beyler, 612 Fairmount Avenue, $338,000.

D.C. Fitzpatrick to Bradley C. Norris and Dorothy Fitzpatrick Norris, 718 Castleman Drive, $285,000.

M.S. and L.A. Sidoti to Stephen Dombroski and Assunta Gargiulo, 1010 Coolidge Street, $245,000.

L.F. and L.O. Axford to Daniel S. Cozewith, 767 Carleton Road, $206,000.

W.S. and D.M. Hopkins to Kenneth and Corey Spero, 1019 Grandview Avenue, $201,000.

B.A. Buontempo to M.J. and J.A. Bibik, 128 Hardwick Avenue, $280,000.

W.J. and G.E. Nowicki to William G. Sherman, 1212 Central Avenue, $235,000.

M.R. Anthony to Robert Emmet Moran and Emma Louise Moran, 129 Belmar Terrace, $160,000.

A. and M.L. Botelho to W. Douglas Griffin and Lee Ann Griffin, 102 Dickson Drive, $229,900.

D. Brownstein to Harold and Roshelle Narotzky, 109 Summit Court, $283,000.

H.M. and C. Bornstein to Javier Ortiz Llinas and Priscilla G. Wood, 145 Summit Court, $202,000.

R.B. and B.M. Bernstein to Neville Mobarakai and Donna M. Slattery, 33 Sunnywood Drive, $350,000.

B.H. and H. Sirota to Thomas Fitzgerald, 1031 Wyandotte Trail, $622,000.

G.R. Voynick and James A. Hughes to Timothy R. and Barbara Birkel, 614 Coleman Place, $212,500.

D.D. and K.E. Gibbons to Ronald and Beth Bernstein, 614 Prospect Street, $480,000.

C.A. and T.A. Spurlock to Bruce M. Mizrach and Karen Rose, 723 Oak Avenue, $272,000.

D.A. and L.H. Kirkwood to Peter and Maureen Mercuri, 815 Oak Avenue, $215,000.

R.C. and M.J. Creek to Anthony Pantano, 230 Golf Edge, $297,000.

R. and J. Hartkopf to Ronald and Margaret M. Swist, 357 South Avenue, $425,000.

W.G. and J.M. Koehler to Matthew and Jennifer Maranz, 627 Salter Place, $265,000.

P.C. and N.M. Stogner to Kenneth A. and Julie A. Janoski, 631 Summit Avenue,


I.M. and L. Brown to Charles Lyon Winchester and Joyce E. Winchester, 815 Knollwood Terrace, $420,000.

S.M. Brower and P.J. Sullivan to Daniel G. Rubinetti and Linda A. D’Amico-Rubinetti, 909 Irving Avenue, $215,000.

D. Kelly, Jr. and Susan A. Suminski to Philip Hughes and Michele Bedore, 121 Hardwick Avenue, $179,000.

A. Frost to Andre Gazal, 841 New England Drive, $473,000.

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